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Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is a premier fence contractor in Falls Church. We have proudly provided custom fences for residents of Virginia for many years. Our team of fence professionals focuses on customer satisfaction and creativity, to develop the top of the line fence options for our customers. Whether you are looking for a privacy fence, picket fence, or vinyl fence, we are sure to be able to meet your needs. Give us a call today if you are looking for custom fencing, decks, or patios!

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Falls Church, Virginia

Falls Church is a city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is considered an independent city, meaning it does not belong to any specific county. It had a population estimate of approximately 14,000 people. As an independent city, Falls Church statistics are measure as equivalent to counties. It has the lowest poverty rate out of any county in the country.

The city of Falls Church received its name from The Falls Church, which was an 18th century Church of England parish. The Church of England is now known as the Episcopal Church. Falls Church became a township in 1875 and was later deemed an independent city in 1948.

Falls Church has a rich American history in and around the city. During the American Revolution, the area boasted The Falls Church Vestryman, George Washington, and George Mason. In the summer of 1776, the United States Declaration of Independence was read to citizens of Falls Church from the church steps.

The city hosts an annual Memorial Day Parade that has become quite famous locally. It contains military units, bands, fire stations, civic associations, and more. It is one of the biggest events in the city and attracts a number of visitors and residents.

With so much historical relevance and interesting history, Falls Church has become a popular destination for people in the region. We have happily provided customer fences to many of the residents of Falls Church, Virginia.

Read About A Recent Falls Church Fence Project!

Wood Shadowbox Fence in Falls Church VA

A wood fence can be a great addition to property values or an eyesore and a hazard once it starts to rot. Recently, condo owners in Falls Church VA contacted the Lotsa Fence Options office about what they could do to improve their fence. They had a unique situation with a brick wall attached to their old wood fence which had a unique design, and all the other fence companies they’d called didn’t want to take on the challenge of rebuilding it.

At Lotsa Fence Options, not only do we have decades of experience in installing fences, but we are also willing to think outside the box to create fencing designs that work for our valued Virginia customers. We inspected the Falls Church VA wood shadowbox fence, thought on our feet, and were able to replace the fallen sections of the fence, incorporate the brickwork, and match the unique design on the existing fence.

In just one day, the LFO fence installation crew installed two sections of wood shadowbox fencing with a design called a Mount Vernon Dip. This means that the privacy fence is made up of wood planks installed on either side of the horizontal fence rails, with the tops of the boards cut into a curved pattern that dips down in the middle.

In Falls Church VA, Lotsa Fence Options is the fencing company to call to improve your outdoor space, whatever condition your current fence is in. To get a free consultation about the wood fence of your dreams, contact us today!

Privacy fence to contain family dog in Falls Church, VA

Privacy Fence in Falls Church

We recently had the opportunity to perform another privacy fence installation for a Falls Church, Virginia resident.

The homeowner wanted to enclose his backyard for his daughter’s dog. She wanted a puppy for a long time but he was hesitant because of the amount of street traffic that ran in front of the house. Like many dads, he wanted to grant his daughter her wish so he started to pursue options for a fence installation company in the Falls Church area.

He did some online research and found our website. Liking what he saw, he gave us a call to tell us what he was looking for. We set up an appointment to come check out his property and discuss options with him on Friday of the same week.

The client told us he wanted a simple fence that was budget friendly. We helped him to decide on a 4’ wood vertical board privacy fence with facia and cap boards for his back and side yard to meet his daughter’s puppy’s needs.

We scheduled to get to work at the end of the following week, which surprised the client at how quickly we were able to fit him in. We knocked the job out in a couple of days, quickly increasing the curb appeal to his home while protecting his daughter’s pet.

He recently contacted us to tell us how happy he was with how his fence turned out – and that the pup can’t get out!

Cool Backyard Iron Fence

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we take pride in producing the best looking custom fences for our clients.  We recently received a call from a customer who was looking for a new fence in Falls Church. interested in adding some fencing to their yard.  They weren’t sure what type of fence they wanted. We assured them we had a number of different options to choose from. After discussing their vision, and showing them our products, they decided that a black iron fence was what they were looking for.  We set a date to visit their house a few days later. We wanted to get a better idea of the requirements of the new fence project.

After we arrived at the property, we were amazed at the beauty of the backyard. The owner had done a fantastic job maintaining the aesthetic of the backyard.  He explained to us that he already had a privacy fence around the perimeter, but was looking to section off part of the yard. We told him that we could definitely get the job done. We took measurements and spoke more with the client. By the time we left, we had a clear idea of the fence he was looking for.

It took a few weeks to complete the design and manufacturing of the wrought iron fence. We were extremely happy with the final product. We presented to the client, who loved the look and design of the iron fence.  The last thing we needed to do was install the fence. After we had installed the fence, the backyard had a brand new aesthetic. The client was highly satisfied with the final product.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. our team puts customer satisfaction first. Our custom fences are designed to each client’s unique vision, allowing for beautiful custom fences. Give us a call today for your next fence project!

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