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Fence Contractor – Mclean, VA – Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we have proudly been a top fence contractor in Mclean for many years. Our team has been providing the top of the line fence services to Mclean and is ready to assist you with your next fence project. Whether you are looking for a privacy fence for your backyard or a picket fence for the front, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and let us help you with your next fence project!

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Mclean, Virginia

Mclean is located in the U.S. state of Virginia.  It is considered a census-designated place.  This means that the location is designated for statistical purposes. It is the home of many U.S. members of Congress and other high ranking government officials.  It is located very close to Washington D.C., as well as the CIA. It has an estimated population of approximately 54,000 people. In 2018, Mclean was the 3rd richest city in the United States of America, with a median household income of over $190,000 and a poverty rate of 2.6%. It was founded in 1910 from the combination of Langley and Lewinsville.

Mclean, Virginia received its name from John Roll Mclean.  John Mclean was the former owner and publisher of The Washington Post. The city has an extremely rich history ranging from the Civil War to the Revolutionary War.  It is the location of Hickory Hill, where Ethel Kennedy lived. Ethel Kennedy was the widow of Robert F. Kennedy.

There are a number of very large companies that are located in Mclean. Some of the biggest include Captial One, Mars, Hilton Worldwide, and more. These companies account for a lot of economic influence and growth.  Due to this fact, the cost of living in Mclean is much higher than other cities in Virginia.

With so many things to do, Mclean has become a popular location for out of state visitors.  It’s proximity to Washington D.C. and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as the high amount of historical locations, has led Mclean to grow substantially.


Learn About a Recent Mclean Fence Project!

Fence Removal and New Privacy Fence Installation in McLean VA

Homeowners who want to replace an existing fence may be worried about getting the fence removal before their new fence gets installed, but a reputable fence installation company should be happy to haul off an old, broken fence so that they can put a new beautiful fence in its place. In McLean VA, Lotsa Fence Options is this reputable fence company. With decades of experience installing privacy fences in Virginia, we can efficiently remove and install new fences for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

Recently a homeowner in McLean Virginia needed to replace their old wood privacy fence that was falling apart. The homeowner liked the placement of the fence, but it was gray and sagging and had missing boards. A new wood privacy fence was the answer.

After searching for “the best fence company in McLean VA,” they found Lotsa Fence Options and gave us a call. We consulted with them, finding out what they liked about their old fence, talking about what style their property is, looking up local fence regulations, and discussing their budget. They decided on a beautiful wood privacy fence design called a shadowbox fence with a latticework top.

Their new privacy fence was taller to provide even more privacy to their home, made of wood to match their budget, and the shadowbox design was made tighter to make sure no one could see through the fence. The homeowner loved our quick installation and attention to detail!

To get this kind of service with a new privacy fence, contact LFO right away!

Stunning New Privacy Fence in McLean VA

Getting a new fence in McLean can be a little nerve-wracking for homeowners. There are a ton of options for a new fence, especially when you are working with the top fence installation company in VA, Lotsa Fence Options. Lots of options are great! But it can be a lot to choose from. That’s why the LFO team always answers calls quickly and focuses on what the homeowners need during their initial consultations.

Homeowners in McLean VA called Lotsa Fence Options for their new fence after reading the reviews of happy customers on their website. The property owners knew they needed more privacy in their outdoor space. They had an old fence that wasn’t tall enough to cover the windows and block their neighbor’s line of sight. As the leader in privacy fences in McLean VA, Lotsa Fence Options was able to design a wood fence that looked good and met their needs, creating a new cozy outdoor space.

The fence they ended up installing was a wood shadowbox fence, which means it has vertical fence boards on either side of the horizontal rails, blocking the view but allowing airflow. To finish this custom privacy fence, they topped it with latticework panels and custom gates. The homeowners thought the fence looked beautiful, but they were most impressed by how quick and knowledgeable the LFO team was.

When it comes to residential fencing, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the fence installation company trusted by the majority of homeowners all over Virginia. For a new privacy fence that protects your property and meets your needs, contact the LFO wood fence team for a consultation!

6 Foot Wood Privacy Fence Near McLean VA

McLean VA’s most reputable custom fence company, LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, are happy to help our local clients get the right fence for their properties, whether they’re a residential homeowner or a property manager looking to protect a commercial property. We bring the same sense of workmanship and integrity to every custom fencing project we perform in the greater NOVA and Washington DC area. We even work with real estate professionals to give their properties the best curb appeal possible with a custom fence.

Recently we helped a McLean VA homeowner improve their residential property with a 6 foot wood privacy fence with a convex gate. Their neighbors were very close, and they wanted to secure their yard while also having a way to go into the yard from their parking area. After a consultation, the LFO fencing expert helped them decide on a wood privacy fence with both kick boards and cap boards, metal post caps, and a simple but stylish wooden gate with a convex top. This style of fence is very secure, durable, cheap to install, and easily maintained.

The homeowners were trying to sell their residential property, so they wanted to present it in its best light. A wood privacy fence is a great way to increase a property’s curb appeal as well as raise the property values. Because they were showing the house, the homeowners were also happy that the Lotsa Fence Options crew could get their custom wood privacy fence and gate finished quickly, within one day!

Contact Lotsa Fence Options Inc, McLean VA’s best fencing company, for a free site inspection and custom fence consultation to find just the right fence design for your property.

Custom Picket Fencing project near McLean VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. was recently hired to install a picket fence for an HOA 15 minutes northwest of McLean, in Great Falls VA.

The property management company had an inspection coming up and was advised to have a more permanent barrier on the top of the retaining wall because the wall was high enough that it posed a fall risk. Eager to get the property up to code, the property manager searched Facebook and Google for local fencing contractors to search for fence company reviews. He reached out right away to find out if we could help him.

Aware of his urgent need for fencing, we made our way to his property the same day for an estimate. He chose a wood fence for its durability, affordability and because he wanted to be able to stain it to match the retaining wall.

We scheduled to begin at the beginning of the following week. We ensured the new fence that served as a rail was up to code and it only took us three days to install. The inspection passed as a result!

Thank you for choosing Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for your new fence installation!

New privacy fence installation in McLean, VA.

New Privacy Fence in McLean VA

We were recently tasked with the job of a privacy fence installation in McLean, VA.

The customer, who lived on a corner lot, had recently realized that strangers had been cutting through his yard to shorten their path. It was causing his grass to fade, giving him extra work and costing him time and money.

He decided to do a quick google search to find a local fence installation company in the McLean area and saw our website. He was impressed with our reviews and the fact that we offer custom fencing so he gave us a call.

We came out later that day as we were already in the area to assess his property and discuss options. He liked what we had to offer and decided on an aluminum privacy fence in a bronze shade. We scheduled to come out the following Tuesday to put his fence in and eliminate unwanted footsteps in his yard.

We arrived early on Tuesday to install his new fence. We were able to install the custom privacy fence quickly and the customer was happy.

He told us he was impressed with how quickly the job was done and that our communication was amazing from start to finish regarding the job.

Thank you for hiring Lotsa Fence for your custom privacy fence needs!

Privacy Fence in McLean VA

Wooden Fence to Match Deck

Our team recently received a request for a privacy fence in Mclean.  The client had a large backyard perimeter that he shared with a neighbor. He was interested in building a privacy fence around the perimeter of his property.  We told him we could definitely provide a custom fence for him.  We continued to speak with him to gather more information.  The client was very prepared and provided us with all the necessary information. He told us that he was looking for a wood fence to match the color of his deck

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we build unique fences for each individual client. We visited the property the following week to take measurements and evaluate the backyard. We wanted to make sure that we had everything we needed for the project. After arriving, we were greeted by the client. He showed us the area that he was looking to have the fence installed. We were pleased to see that we would be able to build a custom fence for him.

We began design of the custom fence later that week. Our goal was to create a fence that matched well with the style, color, and material of his wooden deck. When we finished, we presented the design to the client. He was very happy with the style and look of the fence.  We then proceeded to build and install the fence for the client. He told us that we would come to us for any future fence needs. He was happy to have worked with the top fence contractor in Mclean.



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