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At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we have proudly been a top fence contractor in Mclean for many years. Our team has been providing the top of the line fence services to Mclean and is ready to assist you with your next fence project. Whether you are looking for a privacy fence for your backyard or a picket fence for the front, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and let us help you with your next fence project!

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Mclean, Virginia

Mclean is located in the U.S. state of Virginia.  It is considered a census-designated place.  This means that the location is designated for statistical purposes. It is the home of many U.S. members of Congress and other high ranking government officials.  It is located very close to Washington D.C., as well as the CIA. It has an estimated population of approximately 54,000 people. In 2018, Mclean was the 3rd richest city in the United States of America, with a median household income of over $190,000 and a poverty rate of 2.6%. It was founded in 1910 from the combination of Langley and Lewinsville.

Mclean, Virginia received its name from John Roll Mclean.  John Mclean was the former owner and publisher of The Washington Post. The city has an extremely rich history ranging from the Civil War to the Revolutionary War.  It is the location of Hickory Hill, where Ethel Kennedy lived. Ethel Kennedy was the widow of Robert F. Kennedy.

There are a number of very large companies that are located in Mclean. Some of the biggest include Captial One, Mars, Hilton Worldwide, and more. These companies account for a lot of economic influence and growth.  Due to this fact, the cost of living in Mclean is much higher than other cities in Virginia.

With so many things to do, Mclean has become a popular location for out of state visitors.  It’s proximity to Washington D.C. and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as the high amount of historical locations, has led Mclean to grow substantially.


Learn About a Recent Mclean Fence Project!

Wooden Fence to Match Deck

Our team recently received a request for a privacy fence in Mclean.  The client had a large backyard perimeter that he shared with a neighbor. He was interested in building a privacy fence around the perimeter of his property.  We told him we could definitely provide a custom fence for him.  We continued to speak with him to gather more information.  The client was very prepared and provided us with all the necessary information. He told us that he was looking for a wood fence to match the color of his deck

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we build unique fences for each individual client. We visited the property the following week to take measurements and evaluate the backyard. We wanted to make sure that we had everything we needed for the project. After arriving, we were greeted by the client. He showed us the area that he was looking to have the fence installed. We were pleased to see that we would be able to build a custom fence for him.

We began design of the custom fence later that week. Our goal was to create a fence that matched well with the style, color, and material of his wooden deck. When we finished, we presented the design to the client. He was very happy with the style and look of the fence.  We then proceeded to build and install the fence for the client. He told us that we would come to us for any future fence needs. He was happy to have worked with the top fence contractor in Mclean.



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