Privacy Fence

What are the Types of Privacy Fences?

The main purpose of a privacy fence, unlike see-through fence types like chain link or picket fences, is to conceal the property by blocking the sight lines either from the street or from surrounding land. The solid nature of a privacy fence also means that it’s great for blocking noise. Like picket fences, this fence type is made up of vertical boards or sheets secured to horizontal rails with thicker posts at regular intervals. Privacy fences can be made from a variety of materials, including wood (treated or untreated), aluminum sheets, vinyl fencing, or composite materials. Depending on the fence material used, there may be small gaps between boards, but all privacy fences are solid and meant to obscure the property. 

Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

While the obvious advantage of a privacy fence is seclusion, there are many other benefits as well. A solid fence is also a barrier to animals, meaning your pets can roam your yard and wild animals are kept off your property. A privacy fence can also protect your yard against weather, like gusts of wind, and, depending on the placement of your fence, it can even provide shade to your yard. A tall, solid privacy fence can also protect against noise from nearby traffic, construction, or neighbors. A privacy fence is also an aesthetic feature that requires little maintenance and can seriously increase your property value.

Best Uses of Privacy Fencing

Whether it’s aluminum sheeting or wooden boards, a solid material privacy fence is a great investment for many property owners. But where would a privacy fence do the most good? If you need to demarcate the property line while providing protection from intruders, wild animals, and weather, a solid fence is a great choice. On properties nearby a heavily trafficked road, a privacy fence is a must. If you’re worried about the look of a tall fence, there are many different materials and finishes that can fit your particular look. Lotsa Fence Options can discuss your property and find the perfect fence for you, just contact them today for a consultation.

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