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Fence Contractor in Burke VA Installs Decorative Wood Picket Fence with Two Gates

Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the best fencing contractor in Burke VA and surrounding Virginia communities, as a Burke VA homeowner recently found out. After searching for a trusted and reputable fencing company in their area, the internet led them right to LFO. We were happy to help them protect their residential property and increase their curb appeal with a new fence.

While working closely with the homeowner, we were able to find the right fence design for their home, which had a classic country look. To compliment this, we chose a picket fence with a decorative motif called Mt Vernon dips, which is where the tops of the pickets dip down between each post in a beautiful curve. Because the LFO fence contractors are experienced in what they do, they were able to easily create the perfect curve to make this fence stand out in the neighborhood.

To keep costs low, the homeowner chose wood for their fencing material. Not only is a wooden picket fence a classic look, it is cost effective to install, and the tops of the pickets can be cut into any design, including the classic Mount Vernon Dip. The LFO crew was able to install their new wood fence in record time, getting the whole fence, including two gates and metal caps on the posts, installed within one day.

This kind of service and efficiency is why Lotsa Fence Options is Virginia’s premier fencing company. We’re proud to serve Burke VA and surrounding communities with new fence installation in a wide variety of materials. Contact us today to learn more.

Fence contractor in Vienna VA Installs Aluminum Fence with Stone Columns

A Vienna VA homeowner recently contacted the area’s most reputable fence company, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, to design a new fence for their residential property wo they could have an enclosed yard without losing any curb appeal. Their home had a beautiful historic design, and they were looking for a fence that would reflect that while also protecting their property for decades. The LFO fencing experts were happy to work with the Vienna VA homeowners to design their fence and pick the best materials.

The homeowners decided on a fence with natural stone columns with metal fencing panels in a wrought iron design including decorative finials. To keep costs low, we sourced manufactured aluminium fencing instead of traditional wrought iron. Our experienced LFO fencing installers got to work quickly to install their fencing, using two stages for the columns and then the fencing panels. Both went off without a hitch. We also installed a custom gate made of aluminium between two of the stone columns. It looked very classic as well as protecting their yard.

The homeowners were overjoyed with their new fencing, and loved that they didn’t even need to be home while the work was being done. Lotsa Fence Options Inc, or LFO, is the Vienna VA area’s premier fencing company, and we’re proud to help area homeowners improve their properties with custom fencing. Our close relationships with fencing manufacturers ensure that our clients can choose the right fencing for their needs.

Fence Company in Annandale VA installs a Vinyl Privacy Fence in One Day

We recently had Annandale VA homeowners find us online after looking for the most reputable fencing company in their area, which of course was Lotsa Fence Options Inc. The homeowners needed more privacy in their back yard and wanted to create a safe place for their kids to play but didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of a wooden fence. With our relationships with suppliers, we could help them find the right fence option for their residential property!

Vinyl fencing can be a great option for homeowners who want a fence that will last for decades without requiring painting, sealing, or repairs. Vinyl is waterproof, meaning it won’t warp over time like wooden fencing, and there are a ton of color and finish options. These particular homeowners in Annandale VA chose a six foot tall privacy fence in white that looks like painted wood panels.

The pre-made vinyl fencing panels can be installed very quickly. In fact, we were able to finish their privacy fence, including gates, in one day, which astounded our Annandale VA clients! They were impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of our dancing installation crew, and they loved their new back yard.

LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, has been in the fencing business for decades, so we’ve seen all kinds of properties and tackled different problems. We’ve also developed close relationships with fencing suppliers, so we can find just the right type of fencing for your unique property. To protect your back yard or commercial property, contact LFO fencing experts right away.

Fence contractor in Arlington installs Wood Privacy Fence and Chain Link Drive Gate

In the Arlington VA area, Lotsa Fence Options is the trusted fencing company because of our decades of experience and strong relationships with fencing suppliers. We can find the right type of fencing for any property, commercial or residential, as well as work closely with property managers or homeowners to design a fence that meets their needs and lasts for years.

We were recently contacted by a residential homeowner in Arlington VA who had a dilapidated fence. They wanted to protect their property and create privacy with a solid fence, but needed an easy to open gate for their driveway. Budget was also a concern, so the LFO fencing experts worked with them to find fencing materials that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg while providing the best security.

Cost-effective fencing materials include wood, perfect for a privacy fence, and chain link, which we used for the drive gate. To give the chain link an upscale look, the homeowner chose a black finish that protect the metal. We’re able to offer unique fencing materials like black chain link because we’re connected with trusted fencing material suppliers.

The LFO fence installation crew worked quickly and efficiently to get their privacy fence and chain link drive gate put in, and the Arlington VA homeowner was thrilled with the speed of their work. Our customer was also happy with the way the Lotsa Fence Options fencing professionals communicated with them, designing the fence with them and keeping them abreast of all work that was done.

Custom Fence Contractor completes New Lattice Fence Gate in Springfield VA

After looking online for the most reputable fencing company in their area, a Springfield VA homeowner found Lotsa Fence Options Inc. With our decades of experience in Virginia and our connections with fencing suppliers, we can design, source, and quickly install a custom fence that perfectly matches your home’s exterior aesthetic and lasts for a long time.

The Springfield homeowners had an old custom fence made out of wooden slats and lattice. They loved the design of their old privacy fence, but the wood had darkened, rotted, warped, and broken. This can be a problem with wooden fencing, but the life of a wood fence can be extended with sealants and paint, as well as timely repairs. As a full service fence company, LFO can repair and maintain your fencing as well as install a brand new fence.

At the Springfield VA home, we created a privacy fence with a unique design. The main fence was made in a shadow box style, where tall pickets are placed on either side of the rails so that they block sight but allow air to pass through freely. This type of fence provides privacy while reducing the chance of wind damage. The gate design was really cool as well, with two lattice panels on either side of the wooden gate.

The customer was very pleased with the efficiency of the LFO fencing crew. We were able to install their wood fence while they were at work, so they came home to a secure and beautified property! If you’re looking to protect and improve your residential property in the Springfield VA area, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the right choice.

Fence Company in Alexandria Installs Beautiful Wooden Shadow Box Fence

Lotsa Fence Options Inc, or LFO, has been installing all types of fencing in and around Alexandria VA for decades, so we can help local property owners find just the right fencing to protect their assets. We’ve installed fences around residential properties in urban areas and beautiful rural neighborhoods, as well as around commercial properties to protect the public. Our close relationships with reputable fencing suppliers also mean we can find just the right kind of fencing for our clients’ needs, and our experience means we can install even complicated fencing designs with ease.

Recently a property owner in Alexandria VA wanted a beautiful and functional privacy fence to protect their back patio, and LFO was proud to step up, installing a complicated shadow box fence within half a day. They chose wood for their fencing type, which is a classic choice that can last forever and matches any kind of home decor while also being economical. The shadow box fence design, which involves offset fence slats, allows for air flow while also completely blocking the line of sight for the utmost privacy and security.

The experienced LFO fencing crew installed the shadow box fence with wooden slats attached on both sides of the horizontal rails in an offset pattern to allow airflow through the fence. We also used metal caps on the fence posts, as well as metal hinges and clasp on the gate. The customer particularly loved the design of this gate, and they were impressed that we could install the fence within half a day.

Fence Company near Centreville VA Installs New Vinyl Picket Fence

Recently, a homeowner in Herndon (just North of Centreville VA) contacted us about their fence situation. They had an old rustic wooden fence that had once looked great with their historic home but had rotted over the years. They needed their old fence removed and a new fence installed that would match the old-fashioned look of their home but be made out of modern materials that would stand the test of time. To get this classic yet modern fence design installed in a timely manner, these homeowners needed the most reputable fencing company in Virginia.

In the Herndon VA area, Lotsa Fence Options is that most reputable fence installation company. We were able to work with the homeowner to find a fence design that complimented their exterior design, and this was a picket fence with decorative fence posts in an almond color to match the white and tan paint on their home and shed. The homeowners also didn’t want to deal with the water damage and wear that happened to their previous wooden fence, so we helped them choose a vinyl fencing material that had the look of wood with the benefits of vinyl. This kind of fencing won’t fade because the color is blended into the material itself, and it is resistant to water and weathering.

This particular almond vinyl fencing was a special order product, but the fencing pros at LFO have relationships with quality fencing material suppliers. We were able to get the fencing ordered within three weeks, much quicker than other fencing companies! The experienced LFO fence construction contractors were also able to get their picket fence installed in a single day.
Contact Lotsa Fence Options Inc right away to see what we can do for your home.

Wood Privacy Fence in Annandale VA with Decorative Edge

For the best fence installation in Annandale VA, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the best choice. We have the experience and relationships with fencing manufacturers to offer our local clients the absolute best new fences for their properties. A homeowner in Annandale, VA just contacted the LFO fencing pros about getting a decorative wooden privacy fence to contain their beloved family dog and protect their local property, and we were happy to help.

Before any work got started, LFO sent a consultant to the property to perform a thorough inspection and determine the exterior aesthetic of the house and property. Because we’re a locally grown company, we know how important it is to make our local clients happy, so we always consult closely with property owners to find the best fencing for their budget and needs.

Wooden fencing is a classic option for privacy fences, and it offers a ton of different looks as well. This customer decided on an eight foot privacy fence with decorative top design called a Mount Vernon dip. Our experienced fence construction contractors installed deep-set durable wooden posts, then applied treated wooden slats, and finally cut the top of the fence into those beautiful Mount Vernon style curves.

When we were done installing the decorative wooden privacy fence, the Annandale VA client was very happy. So was their pup, who loved their new enclosure! At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc, Annandale’s premier fencing company, we’re always happy to see our clients (even canine ones) satisfied with our work. If you’re considering a fence for your property, click below for more information.

LFO Installs New Aluminum Fence in Vienna VA

Vienna VA’s most reputable fencing company, Lotsa Fence Options Inc (LFO), is happy to help area homeowners protect their properties with new fencing. Like our name says, we’ve got all the best fencing options in both fence materials and designs, and we tailor every fence to meet the needs of our Virginia client.

Recently, some new homeowners in Vienna VA found us on the internet after looking for the best fencing company in their area. We were happy to consult with them about their property, their security needs, and the exterior design of their home. Turns out, they wanted to protect their small children with a fence around their yard, which had a pool.

Fencing is a great way to protect from drowning hazards, and aluminum fencing is a very economical choice for this kind of fence because it is easy to install, cheaper than wrought iron, and virtually maintenance-free. The Vienna VA homeowners picked an aluminum fence that had the look of wrought iron with decorative finials that looked very classic, giving their yard a definite upgrade.

Our experienced fencing contractors were able to install their new fence quickly, including several prefabricated sections to accommodate the pool, as well as a sturdy gate to allow access while still protecting the yard. The homeowners were extremely happy with the look of their new aluminum fence, and they especially enjoyed the timely installation. Their neighbors keep stopping and raving about the new fence too!

At Lotsa Fence Options, we’re dedicated to our local homeowners, and we’re happy to help keep your families and businesses safe and secure with a new fence. With our experience in the fencing industry, we can find the perfect type of fence for your property. If you need a new fence for your Vienna VA property, contact us right away.

Local Fencing Experts Install Wood Fencing in Herndon VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is a leading Herndon VA fence company because we provide exceptional service for every customer, no matter whether they want to fence a large commercial property or a residential home. We also offer a huge variety of fencing types to suit every use and property type, so we can design the perfect fencing solution for every situation.

Not long ago, a Herndon VA homeowner wanted to protect their property without blocking their scenic views. An internet search led them to LFO, and they soon discovered why we’re Fairfax County VA’s most trusted fencing company. We worked closely with the homeowners about their design aesthetic, needs for their fencing, lifestyle, and budget.

Our new clients chose an economical but beautiful fence type: a wooden picket fence. They wanted to give their children and pets a protected place to play with a tall fence, but didn’t want a privacy fence that blocked off the entire yard, so our ultimate design was a tall (six foot) wooden picket fence with space between the slats to allow for airflow and line of sight. Our design also included gates with decorative cut tops.

Wood is a classic fencing material that is very versatile and easy to install. Our fencing professionals began by installing sturdy wooden posts with decorative toppers, then wooden backer rails, and finally the pickets. The gates were installed with durable metal hardware that will stand up to weather and use.

Our Herndon VA homeowners loved their new wood picket fence and their kids especially loved the new back yard. If your Fairfax County property needs securing with a new fence, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is happy to help. Contact us today for more information.

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