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Metal Security Fence, Gate, and Intercom Secures Ashburn, VA Estate

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier outdoor construction company in Ashburn, VA, offers top-tier services, offering more than addressing fencing needs.  We install metal security fences, cellular security systems, electronic gates, and more. Recently, our team of experts were contacted by a prominent athlete who had just bought a home in Ashburn. He needed to increase his security, and we had the right solutions.

Securing Luxury: Metal Security Fence & Cellular Gate in Ashburn, VA

This athlete’s property required a secure enclosure and heightened security at the front entry. In response, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. executed a comprehensive plan, installing a tall metal security fence around the property’s perimeter. We didn’t stop there! We also integrated a sophisticated metal gate, stone columns adorned with illuminating lights, and an advanced cellular gate opening system equipped with a camera and intercom.

The installation process for the metal security fence involved precise steps to ensure stability and durability. Contractors meticulously laid out the fence line, placing and anchoring each metal section to the others with strong fasteners. The automated gate installed demanded skilled engineering involving precise alignment and testing for flawless operation. Integrating the cellular gate opening system and intercom provided an additional level of control over property access, improving monitoring capabilities.

metal security fence


Our experienced contractors also built two stone columns as anchors for the gate, all while ensuring the stonework matched the exterior design of the house. Our team then fitted, and connected, lights atop the columns to brighten the front entry, ensuring convenience and safety.

metal security gate

For homeowners looking for advanced features to secure their gates and fences, technological advancements offer a ton of options. Automated gates with cellular systems and intercoms provide remote access and surveillance capabilities, ensuring controlled property entry and improved safety. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is ready to provide tailored solutions for Virginia residents looking to fortify their properties with cutting-edge security fencing.

Secure your property’s safety and elegance with our advanced security gate and fence solutions. Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today!

Lotsa Fence Options Secures Mt Vernon, VA Historic Home with Custom Security Fence

In scenic Mt Vernon, VA, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. brings premier fencing services to homeowners, particularly catering to the needs of those safeguarding historic estates. Recently, a Mount Vernon residential homeowner needed to protect their land and access points.  The LFO team had the perfect solution: a custom security fence with the mechanical gate entry system.  Though their property is historic, this new security system is state-of-the-art.

Preserving Heritage: Custom Security Fence & Gate in Mt Vernon, VA

The revered historic home in Mt Vernon needed added protection without compromising its heritage appearance. To address this, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. undertook a comprehensive installation project, meticulously crafting a custom security fence surrounding the entire estate. We didn’t stop there; we also constructed stone columns to anchor a mechanized gate and topped them with lights. Integrating an advanced access system featuring a keypad further augmented the property’s security.

custom security fence Mt Vernon

The installation involved expert fencing and masonry craftsmanship, where each step included measures to increase the durability of the fence and the ease of use for the gate. First, our skilled contractors installed a tall metal privacy fence surrounding the entire property, ensuring precise alignment and anchoring for a sturdy and durable enclosure. The fencing material also has the look of wrought iron to match the historic home while retaining the versatility of modern materials. Next, the LFO team constructed the columns; their stone exterior contributed to the estate’s architectural beauty, and the antique-style lights fit right in. The mechanized gate and the sophisticated access system were flawlessly integrated, providing modern controlled access while preserving the historic charm.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers tailored solutions for homeowners, preserving heritage properties with added protection and privacy. Our mechanized gates and advanced security systems provide safety while complementing the historic aesthetic, ensuring the estate’s protection without compromising its unique character.

Contact LFO today for a custom security fence tailored to your historic property.

Steel Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire Secures Alexandria, VA Property

In Alexandria, VA, securing property boundaries is crucial. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recently addressed the concerns of a residential property owner whose land bordered a nature preserve, requiring clear demarcation and enhanced safety measures. Luckily, he contacted Virginia’s trusted security fence company, which has decades of installation experience.

Safeguarding Boundaries: Steel Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire Topper in Alexandria, VA

The property owner faced issues with unwanted access of wildlife and people mistaking his land for part of the nearby nature preserve. To tackle this, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. installed a 6-foot tall steel chain link fence and a 1-foot tall barbed wire topper, effectively marking and securing his land’s boundary.

The service process started with a thorough site survey and precise measurements along the property line.  The installation team then cleared excess vegetation and debris to ensure a clear path for the fence.  Sturdy steel posts were strategically positioned and firmly anchored, providing a solid foundation. Next, a strong steel chain link was installed using high-quality metal fasteners covering the entire boundary. A 1-foot topper of barbed wire was added along the top edge to enhance security.

Chain link fencing offers several advantages over other types, as it provides excellent visibility, allowing unobstructed views of the natural area while still marking the boundary. The steel chain link is durable, offering longevity and requiring minimal maintenance compared to other materials.  The open  design allows wind to pass through, minimizing stress on the structure during strong weather conditions.

For property owners seeking easily marked boundary and security, chain link fences offer an efficient solution, especially when paired with barbed wire.

Contact LFO today to discuss tailored fencing solutions for your security needs!

steel chain link fence

Custom Vinyl Fence Installation Adds Value to Woodbridge, VA Property

Residential property owners in Woodbridge, VA, were searching for a fencing solution that enclosed their yard, kept their pets safe, allowed for airflow, all with an aesthetically appealing house design. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. answered the call with a flat-top picket fence tailored to the property’s design. This custom vinyl fence project added security, elegance, and value to their home.

Enhancing Elegance and Security: Custom Vinyl Fence Installation in Woodbridge, VA

The homeowners had a long list of fencing needs: security for their pets and a timeless charm, but also minimal maintenance. The LFO solution involved custom design and professional installation of a bespoke one-off design crafted precisely to the homeowners’ specifications. Our systematic approach to picket fence installation ensures a durable and elegant enclosure. We start with a comprehensive property assessment and precise measurements. Installers dug post holes with consistent spacing. Posts, the foundation of the whole structure, are secured in the holes. Vinyl panels were used to customized to the homeowner’s specifications.  A matching vinyl gate was installed with hinges, latches, and appropriate hardware for smooth operation and security.

These Woodbridge homeowners chose a design that strikes an ideal balance between privacy and visibility. A flat-top picket fence features uniformly spaced vertical pickets with a distinct, straight-edged, horizontal top, delivering a classic yet refined appearance. This timeless design, available in various wood, metal, or vinyl materials, perfectly accentuates a garden or yard while seamlessly blending with different architectural styles.

custom vinyl fence Woodbridge VA

While this design can be made from materials like metal or wood, vinyl picket fences are particularly low maintenance. This Woodbridge custom vinyl fence brought all these advantages to the property: securing it, protecting family and pets, and adding to its look.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers the widest range of custom fencing solutions for Virginia residents seeking a fencing solution that combines elegance, security, and low-maintenance needs.

Contact LFO today to explore personalized fencing solutions tailored to enhance your property.

Metal Picket Fence with ADA Railing Improves Clifton, VA Property

In Clifton, VA, residential homeowners needed to accommodate an elderly family members’ mobility needs on their property.  Our Lotsa Fence experts made sure the homeowner’s pathways were level, and identified the customer needed a fence with an ADA railing.  

Enhancing Accessibility and Charm: ADA Railing Upgrades Aluminum Picket Fence in Clifton, VA

Addressing the customer’s concerns, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. installed a sophisticated black aluminum flat-top picket fence with ADA railing. The finished product looked good on their property, added value, and helped their family stay safe!

The installation began with carefully placing aluminum fence posts to create stability, each protected by square post caps that would add a little flair and contribute to the structural integrity.   Aluminum fencing panels were expertly installed with high-quality fasteners, forming the foundation of the elegant flat-top picket fence.  We installed matching black aluminum railing was affixed along a top rail at a comfortable height.  Our experts installed the security of the ADA railing all while striking the perfect balance between functionality and style. 

The Clifton, VA, homeowners picked the perfect design and material. The open flat-top picket design complements various architectural styles and maintains visibility while providing safety and a sense of enclosure. The sturdy metal construction ensures longevity, low maintenance, and heightened security. Aluminum is renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for durable fencing that exudes the elegance of wrought iron without the weight. Virginia homeowners who need custom additions like railings and other accessibility aids can trust Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for secure installation and lasting value.

Ready to elevate your property’s accessibility and charm with our fencing and ADA railing solutions?

Contact LFO today for personalized fence installations suited to your needs!

ADA railing Clifton VA

Custom Aluminum Fence Protects and Elevates Aldie, VA Residential Property

Homeowners in Aldie, VA needed a fencing solution that provided security and complemented their residential property’s exterior. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., Virginia’s trusted fencing contractor, stepped in to provide a custom aluminum fence that exudes elegance while meeting the homeowners’ specific preferences.

Enhancing Charm and Security in Aldie, VA: Custom Aluminum Fence Installation

Opting for a sturdy yet visually appealing metal picket fence design, complete with a flat top and decorative rail, the clients got the sophisticated look of expensive wrought iron fencing while benefiting from the durability and low maintenance of aluminum.

Our skilled contractors began a meticulous installation process by preparing post holes at the appropriate depth to stabilize the structure. Corner, line, end, and gate posts were then strategically placed. These posts were firmly secured into the ground using concrete or gravel, ensuring stability and longevity.

Next, aluminum panels were expertly fastened to the rails using specialized brackets or screws, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A critical check for levelness was conducted with every post and panel to ensure precision and uniformity in the finished structure.

Finally, horizontal rails were installed between the posts, maintaining even spacing and levelness, contributing to the fence’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Significantly, leaving a 2–3 inch gap between the fence and the ground not only facilitated proper gate functionality but also enabled easy maintenance of the grass underneath.

black metal fencing Aldie

The swift completion of this custom fence installation made the Aldie, VA homeowners very happy. They expressed satisfaction with the efficient turnaround time and the high-quality end product. Metal picket fences offer numerous benefits for residential properties. They combine durability and elegance, providing security without compromising visual appeal. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements make them a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for homeowners.

For Aldie, VA, residents wanting to elevate their property’s charm and security with customized fencing solutions, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers tailored aluminum fencing that blends beauty and resilience.

Contact LFO today for custom aluminum fences and more!

Custom Vinyl Privacy Fence Elevates Burke, VA Property

When you want to upgrade your Virginia residential property with a custom outdoor space, do you know what company to call? Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., Virginia’s trusted outdoor construction contractor, is the company to call premium custom fencing solutions. They recently helped a homeowner in Burke, VA, with a custom vinyl privacy fence.

Enhancing Virginia’s Landscapes: Vinyl Privacy Fence Solutions by LFO.

Our new client wanted to secure their yard while matching the architectural style of their neighborhood–and it needs to be low-maintenance, too. Vinyl fencing is a great choice for these kinds of projects. Their exceptional longevity surpasses wooden fences, spanning decades without staining or frequent maintenance. Cleaning is as simple as using a hose, making maintenance hassle-free. Beyond durability, vinyl fences offer flexibility, durability, and value. They are a durable, low-maintenance fencing solution that enhances curb appeal and complements home design.

Consulting with our Burke, VA homeowner, we designed a 6-foot tall privacy fence that seamlessly matched the neighborhood’s Neo-Colonial style. The installation consisted of placing posts crowned with post caps and connecting vinyl panels to create a solid barrier. This simple yet effective design ensured complete backyard privacy while blending effortlessly with the surrounding aesthetics. Vinyl fences present numerous advantages over traditional wooden counterparts. These fences, available in various colors including white, tan, and natural wood grain, offer the same style diversity found in wooden fences without maintenance drawbacks.

Burke privacy fence

Their new privacy fence added security, privacy, beauty, and value to their residential property. For Virginia homeowners seeking enduring and visually appealing fencing solutions, LFO recommends vinyl fences for their durability, elegance, and hassle-free maintenance. We also offer a wide variety of materials and designs, from tall privacy to picket fences, so we can match the style of the homes in your neighborhood and give your residential property lasting value.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today for a consultation on vinyl privacy fence installations tailored to your needs.

Trex Composite Fencing Materials Upgrade Springfield, VA Property

Recently, some Springfield, VA, residents wanted to fortify their residential property while creating a secluded backyard oasis. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier fencing expert in Virginia, answered their call, providing a tailored solution by installing a privacy fence crafted from composite fencing materials specifically sourced from the renowned brand Trex.

Enhancing Privacy and Security: Trex Composite Fence Installation in Springfield, VA

Trex composite fencing materials are recognized for their remarkable benefits. Composed of 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibers and plastic, they offer unparalleled durability while promoting environmental sustainability. Composites require minimal maintenance, resisting rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring longevity without compromising appearance.

The installation process began with designing the ideal layout for the privacy fence, taking precise measurements to define the boundary, and planning out the project timeline. Trex composite fencing materials ensured both functionality and aesthetics, meeting the client’s desire for a secure and visually appealing enclosure for their backyard. First, our skilled construction contractors installed posts and aligned and secured the fence panels. A custom gate constructed from the same materials also reinforced security while harmonizing with the overall design.

Trex composite fencing VA

The choice of Trex composite fencing materials proved to be a wise investment for the client. Beyond durability, these materials offer a wide range of color options and textures, allowing for customization that complements any outdoor setting while providing the desired sense of privacy. The Springfield homeowners loved how fast we upgraded their property, and they’re happy they won’t have to worry about maintenance for a while.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recommends Trex composite fencing for Virginia homeowners seeking fencing solutions that merge security, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your property’s privacy and aesthetic charm with a custom gate and fence from LFO.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for fence installations tailored to your needs.

Wood Shadowbox Fence and Custom Gate Elevate Townhome in Woodbridge, VA

What’s the best way to get privacy and airflow in your backyard? For homeowners in Woodbridge, VA, the answer was a wood shadowbox fence.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. (LFO), we pride ourselves on providing top-tier fencing solutions and outdoor spaces tailored to meet Virginia property owners’ needs. Serving the Woodbridge, VA area, our expertise includes wood fence installation and crafting custom gates, so we were happy to help our new clients create a beautiful new outdoor space.

Enhancing Privacy and Charm: Wood Shadowbox Fence and Custom Gate Project in Woodbridge, VA by Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

Situated closely among neighboring townhouses, the Woodbridge clients’ primary concerns were securing their property and acquiring privacy without compromising airflow. Additionally, they wanted a gate that would stand out and give their new fence some style. After consultation, they chose a wood shadowbox fence and a custom wood gate with a graceful arch design.

Our dedicated team at LFO embarked on this project by installing the wood shadowbox fence. Given the limited space surrounding the townhome and the necessity to work closely with existing structures, our experienced contractors executed the installation with precision and care, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal functionality. A wood shadowbox fence is assembled by alternating overlapping vertical wood boards on both sides of horizontal rails, creating a visually appealing design while providing partial airflow. Our skilled artisans also crafted a custom wood gate with a beautifully curved top, adding an element of elegance and exclusivity to the property. Throughout the process, rigorous quality checks were conducted to ensure impeccable results and client satisfaction.

This project exemplifies LFO’s ability to navigate challenging spaces while delivering impeccable craftsmanship with custom fencing. Our expertise extends beyond fencing, though, as we also create inviting outdoor spaces, including patio installations. Property owners in Woodbridge, VA, seeking to fortify security, enhance privacy, and elevate their outdoor spaces can benefit immensely from our specialized services.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for personalized fencing and outdoor space solutions in Woodbridge, VA.

Beautiful Wood Shadowbox Fence Secures Fairfax, VA Property

Fairfax Virginia homeowners, is your residential property secure? If not, a custom fence is easier to get than you think. Lotsa Fence Options, Virginia’s trusted fencing company, recently upgraded a Fairfax residential property with a beautiful new wood shadowbox fence, which allows airflow while maintaining seclusion—a perfect blend of functionality and appearance.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is the premier contractor for top-quality fencing solutions in Virginia because of our skill with custom fencing installation and our history in the area. Specializing in various services to safeguard and enhance residential properties, they’re known for their expertise in crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions.

Securing Residential Spaces: Wood Shadowbox Fence Installation in Fairfax, VA

A residential client in Fairfax, VA, sought the expertise of LFO to address their safety concerns. Their property’s steep slope presented a challenge in securing the area while allowing access to the land behind their house. To tackle this, the client opted for a wooden shadowbox fence, designed to offer security and an open feel while also securing their yard against wild animals.

Navigating the challenges posed by the steep slope required a specialized approach. The fence installers carefully planned and adjusted the line to suit the terrain. The fencing posts were carefully measured and secured into the ground using concrete for stability, ensuring they can withstand various weather conditions. Then, horizontal rails are affixed to the posts, forming the framework for attaching boards. In the case of a shadowbox design, alternating boards are installed on either side of the rails, creating an interlocking pattern that offers privacy without a solid, closed-off appearance. This design allows airflow and light to pass through while maintaining a sense of seclusion. By customizing the installation to match the slope, they ensured the fence’s stability and aesthetic continuity, providing a seamless and secure enclosure for the property.

For Fairfax, VA, residents desiring a fencing solution that harmonizes with the landscape while securing their property, LFO offers tailored services that combine expertise with finesse.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today to transform your property with a custom fencing solution like a wood shadowbox fence.

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