Aluminum Fence

About Aluminum Fencing

You may think aluminum is just for soda cans or food-saving foil, but this metal can do so much more! Because it’s so easily molded and worked, aluminum can take on so many different shapes that it’s a great material for fencing posts, rails, sheets, and caps. This versatility means that aluminum fencing is a more affordable and customizable option than steel. Aluminum sheets are great for a modern privacy fence, but aluminum is also strong enough to make rail fences, arches, and much more. The metal easily takes on a bunch of different finishes as well, so don’t think you’re stuck with a bright silver color! Aluminum’s natural rust resistance also makes it very low maintenance, so a properly installed aluminum fence can last for decades.

Advantages of Aluminum Fences

The main advantage of aluminum fencing is its versatility since it can be molded into any shape to accommodate any look. Aluminum fences also handle slopes and curves with ease, so they are great for pools or parks where the fence needs to curve around a structure or follow the natural slope of the land. Durability is also a big benefit, as aluminum is resistant to rust and weathering, so it requires less maintenance than other metal fencing types like wrought iron. Of course, cost is also a major factor, as you can get an aluminum fence that looks just like an iron fence at a fraction of the cost, and you save on maintenance down the line. Many types of aluminum fencing are environmentally friendly and produced from recycled materials. 

Best Uses of Aluminum Fencing

Because of its versatility, aluminum fences are great for pools because they can easily fit around curved edges and slopes. They are also sunk deep into the ground, so they are a safe and secure barrier for pets or children in backyards or parks. Because of the affordability of aluminum fencing, they can also be good for fencing off large areas while still providing aesthetics. No matter what kinds of fencing your property requires, Lotsa Fence Options can help you find the right aluminum fencing for your property, so contact them today for a consultation.

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