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Fence Company near Arlington replaces damaged fence

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc has been the leading fence contractor in the Arlington VA area for decades, so when an Arlington area homeowner had a tree fall on their fence, they knew who to call. Fence damage due to severe weather is not something many property owners think about, but luckily, the LFO fencing pros have the expertise to help our neighbors with fence repair or replacement.

We were so pleased that our new Arlington, VA client found us through our website, and we quickly set up a consultation about fencing type and budget. True to our name Lotsa Fence Options, Inc offers our valued Virginia clients a wide variety of fence types, including vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, chain link, and wood fencing. Our exterior design experts helped the homeowner design a new wooden fence that would protect their property for years.

Our team got to work first removing the fallen tree that had caused the damage in the first place. Then we installed a beautiful new wooden privacy fence with a gate that matched their home’s exterior design perfectly. In addition to the security and value, any fence provides a property, wooden fences offer many advantages to property owners, including design versatility and low cost.

If the wooden fence on your Arlington, VA area property is missing slats, has cracks or warping, the professionals at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. are here to help. Contact us today, and one of our fence experts will talk to you about your fencing options.


Fence Contractor in Alexandria installs new fence around pool area

Over the years, Lotsa Fence Options has proven themselves to be the most reputable fencing company in the greater Alexandria, VA area, serving nearby communities like Huntington, Braddock, and Fair Haven. Because of our local expertise and relationships with suppliers and designers, we offer a wide variety of fencing types and styles, including vinyl fencing, privacy fences, chain link, and much more.

Recently a homeowner in the Alexandria, VA area contacted us because they needed a new fence to protect the in-ground swimming pool on their property. We were so pleased they found us on the internet, and we quickly sent one of our fence experts to consult with them about their fencing needs and their homeowner’s association’s restrictions.

A pool fence is vital to protecting any small children who may live in your home or visit your property. Unguarded swimming pools are a leading cause of drowning in young children, and having a sturdy fence, no matter the style or material, is a very important safety feature.

Our team got to work quickly, despite cutting fence pieces on site to fit perfectly. Within one day, they had installed a tall wooden privacy fence around the swimming pool that looked beautiful, protected the pool, and made the HOA happy too!

If you have a property with a pool in the Alexandra VA area, you absolutely need a fence. With a new, secure fence around your pool, you can protect your family and your investment at the same time.

New Privacy Fence in Burke VA

As the industry leader in privacy fence installation and patio installation, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recently was tasked with replacing a patio and fence for a homeowner in Burke, VA.

The homeowners had been slowly working to renovate their home over the years and they were ready to tackle their back yard. The deck was rotted and was quite old. They wanted to have the deck replaced but they also wanted a patio fence to be installed around it.

They searched google for deck replacement and patio fence installation in the Burke, VA area and found our website. After reading about us and all of our positive testimonials, they gave us a call for an on-site estimate.

We scheduled to come to their house that Friday afternoon. The wood was severely deteriorated on both the deck and the surrounding fence. We went over options with them and they chose a gorgeous multicolored concrete paver option for their patio to be paired with their new wooden fence. They loved what we have to offer so they hired us on the spot.

Our professionals started the job on the following Thursday morning, beginning by removing the old fence and rotten decking. Once the site was prepped, the patio paver sub-base was leveled and compacted so we could then install the new pavers. Once the pavers were completed, we installed the new wooden fence.

The homeowners’ patio and fence look amazing and the entire neighborhood loves it and wanted estimates themselves!

New Privacy Fence in Mt. Vernon VA

Our experienced fencing contractors at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. designed and installed a new wood fence for a young family in Mount Vernon, VA.

The couple was new homeowners. They recently purchased the home and were slowly making renovations to make it better suit their family’s unique needs. They have small children and a dog and wanted to be able to allow them to go play freely in the back yard without worry, so they wanted to have a fence installed.

Because they were new to the area, they didn’t know many people and relied on Google and social media for reviews in the process of finding a reputable fencing contractor in Mt. Vernon. They found our site and loved what they saw – especially our dedication to personalized service for all of our clients. They called us and asked us to come by to go over options with them.

We met with them on a Thursday afternoon. They knew they wanted a privacy fence but weren’t completely sold on which material. After talking about options, they decided on a wood fence for both its durability and affordability.

We scheduled to begin the installation the next Wednesday as we already had a job in the area. The job went seamlessly and we were able to complete it in one day.

The homeowners love their new fence! They said working with Lotsa Fence was a very pleasant experience for them.

Recent Projects in Chantilly

Check back here often to read descriptions of our latest projects in Clifton. We’ll detail chain link fence, wood fence, and privacy fence projects.

Custom Picket Fencing project near McLean VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. was recently hired to install a picket fence for an HOA 15 minutes northwest of McLean, in Great Falls VA.

The property management company had an inspection coming up and was advised to have a more permanent barrier on the top of the retaining wall because the wall was high enough that it posed a fall risk. Eager to get the property up to code, the property manager searched Facebook and Google for local fencing contractors to search for fence company reviews. He reached out right away to find out if we could help him.

Aware of his urgent need for fencing, we made our way to his property the same day for an estimate. He chose a wood fence for its durability, affordability and because he wanted to be able to stain it to match the retaining wall.

We scheduled to begin at the beginning of the following week. We ensured the new fence that served as a rail was up to code and it only took us three days to install. The inspection passed as a result!

Thank you for choosing Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for your new fence installation!

New paddock fence installation near Oakton VA

The fencing contractors at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recently had the opportunity to perform a paddock fence installation for new homeowners in Oakton, VA.

The couple had recently purchased a new home. They were almost ready to move in but wanted to have a fence installed as quickly as possible for their dogs. The husband searched online for the best fencing contractor in the area and found us. He also asked some local friends if they recommended any local fencing companies and one of them had actually used us for their fence in the past. He gave us a call right away.

We scheduled to look at the property early the next morning, as we were going to be in the area. We went over fencing options with them and they decided on a paddock fence with wire. They liked how economical this style fence is as it requires less wood than other types – plus it offers a pleasing border.

We arrived the following day to get started. We installed their fence with pressure treated oak so it would hold up well under pressure while standing up against the elements for years to come. We got the job finished within three days of signing the contract!

The customers said they are thankful for the speedy response and fast installation – and that their dogs are happy!

Thanks for choosing Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for your new fence installation!

Custom Fencing Projects in the Burke VA Area

We will be posting recent wooden fence, vinyl fence, privacy fence, picket fence, chain link fence, and aluminum fencing project details soon. You are learn more about all the fence types that we specialize in by visiting our website.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about your upcoming fencing project!

New wood fence near West Springfield VA

Recently, a West Springfield VA property owner called Lotsa Fence Options in a panic. A fox had gotten into their chicken coop out at their property in Haymarket VA. They also badly needed a fence to give their dogs a safe space to run. They needed our construction experts to build them a safe chicken coop and help their beloved dogs get their exercise in peace. A knowledgeable contractor immediately went out there to see what they could do to keep these local homeowner’s animals safe.

Working with the homeowner, we found a solution that would compliment the look of their house, give their animals safe spaces, and not break the bank. As an added bonus, the work would seriously raise their property values! The options that worked best for them were a sturdy wooden coop with a secure wood and wire fence for the chickens and a wood fence for the dogs. 

New Wood and Wire Fence

A wooden fence was a great option for this property because of its affordability and adaptability. Because the Lotsa Fence Options experts were creating two different outdoor spaces for two different types of animal, a wooden fence was the perfect choice, as wood fences can be constructed in infinite configurations. In order to keep both the dogs and the chickens safe, wire mesh was added between wooden fence slats in another example of a wooden fence’s adaptability.

The West Springfield, VA client was overjoyed at the high quality workmanship of their secure chicken coop and their new wooden fence, and they were particularly pleased with how well the company communicated with them. This just goes to show why Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is the premier fence and construction company for the entire Alexandria, Virginia area. If you have a fencing problem, let our experienced construction contractors help you by contacting us today!

Privacy fence to contain family dog in Falls Church, VA

Privacy Fence in Falls Church

We recently had the opportunity to perform another privacy fence installation for a Falls Church, Virginia resident.

The homeowner wanted to enclose his backyard for his daughter’s dog. She wanted a puppy for a long time but he was hesitant because of the amount of street traffic that ran in front of the house. Like many dads, he wanted to grant his daughter her wish so he started to pursue options for a fence installation company in the Falls Church area.

He did some online research and found our website. Liking what he saw, he gave us a call to tell us what he was looking for. We set up an appointment to come check out his property and discuss options with him on Friday of the same week.

The client told us he wanted a simple fence that was budget friendly. We helped him to decide on a 4’ wood vertical board privacy fence with facia and cap boards for his back and side yard to meet his daughter’s puppy’s needs.

We scheduled to get to work at the end of the following week, which surprised the client at how quickly we were able to fit him in. We knocked the job out in a couple of days, quickly increasing the curb appeal to his home while protecting his daughter’s pet.

He recently contacted us to tell us how happy he was with how his fence turned out – and that the pup can’t get out!

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