Picket Fence

What is a Picket Fence?

We’ve all heard the cliche about a “white picket fence” type of life, but what does that actually mean? The whole reason for this phrase is the antiquated charm of a picket fence, which is one of this fencing type’s main appeals. This is not a typical chain link fence. But let’s get technical. This fence type is made from vertical boards with pointed tops called pickets, which are placed at evenly spaced intervals and attached to horizontal rails. Some picket fences have thicker posts placed between pickets as well for another charming look, and gates can be easily added to allow easy and secure access. Arches are also traditional in this type of fence. Picket fences are traditionally made from wood with carved points at the top of the pickets, though modern materials like vinyl and composites are becoming more popular. 

Benefits of a Picket Fence

Of course the main advantage of a picket fence is the aesthetics. There’s nothing quite as charming as a sturdy picket fence around your property, giving it that vintage, down home look. There are also a ton of options as far as the design of the pointed tops of the boards and the color of the fence. In fact, traditionally the tops of the pickets were carved to match the elaborate architectural details on Victorian homes. Picket fences are also very durable and sturdy, creating an excellent barrier for children and pets while also providing that charm and beauty that will raise your property values. Vinyl and wood-composite materials also make a picket fence very durable and low maintenance. 

Should I Install a Picket Fence?

There are many factors in choosing a fence type for your property, and the fencing professionals at Lotsa Fence Options can help you choose the right type of fence to install. When thinking about a picket fence, there are a few things to consider. Picket fences generally cap out at 4 feet, so they are less for privacy and more for an aesthetically pleasing barrier. A picket fence is also traditionally put up between the property and the street or sidewalk as well. Contact Lotsa Fence Options to discuss your property and pick the right kind of fence.

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