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Fence Contractor – Alexandria, VA – Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we have been providing Alexandria, Virginia with custom fences for many years. As a fence contractor in Alexandria, our team focuses on customer service, craftsmanship, and creativity. With fence types ranging from iron fences to privacy fences, our team will be able to meet your fence needs. If you are interested in a customer fence, deck, or patio, give us a call today!

Some of our most popular fences include:

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Wood Fence
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What to do in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has an estimated population of about 156,000 people. Alexandria is approximately seven miles south of Washington D.C. It is located along the western side of the Potomac River. Much of Alexandria has been influenced by how close it is to the nation’s capital. A large portion of the residents of Alexandria works for the federal government, U.S. military, or any of the number of private contractors that provide services for the United States Government.

The city of Alexandria has a number of large employers located within the city. The first being the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States Department of Commerce, and the Alexandria City Public Schools. It is also home to the Institute for Defense Analyses, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the headquarters for the National Science Foundation.

The city also contains a rich history of art and culture, which is displayed by a number of events and landmarks located throughout the city. One of the most popular events is the Scottish Christmas Walk. Established in 1969, Scottish Christmas Walk consists of a large parade that travels through Old Town and celebrates the large influence of Scottish heritage in the area.

There are a number of interesting landmarks also located in Alexandria. Some of the most popular landmarks to visit are the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and Observation Deck, the John Carlyle House, the Alexandria City Hall, the Little Theatre of Alexandria and many more.

If you are looking for an exciting and interesting vacation full of historical relevance and fun, this city has it all.

Read About a Recent Custom Fence Project in Alexandria!

Semi-Private Wood Fence Protects Alexandria, VA Rental

Recently, a local Alexandria homeowner contacted Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier NOVA fencing company, seeking a new wood fence for their rental property. As a rental, it needed to look appealing while protecting the current tenant’s pet.

The property owner saw their neighbor’s wood fence and wanted one to match. When they asked, the neighbor said they had theirs installed by LFO! This is unsurprising since we’ve been designing and installing custom fences, decks, and patios, delivering unmatched service and integrity in Northern Virginia since 1995. We were happy to take on the project and get them protection for their tenants.

Upgrade Your Residential Property with a New Wood Fence

The homeowner chose a 6-foot high, semi-private wood fence in a horizontal board design, using 1x6x8 boards made from pressure-treated number two imported pine. This design ensures durability and offers a modern and visually appealing look, and wood offers a natural look and attractive weathering over time.

The installation process was detailed and fast. Each board was securely attached horizontally, creating a cohesive and attractive design that offers semi-privacy while allowing airflow. The pressure-treated pine boards were chosen for their durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring the wood fence would stand the test of time. We also installed boards down to the ground so the small dog couldn’t get underneath.

Throughout the installation project, we communicated openly with the homeowner, ensuring their vision was fully realized. The result was a beautiful semi-private enclosure that provided a secure area for the small dog while enhancing the rental property’s curb appeal. The fact that it matched the neighbor’s helps the neighborhood look cohesive.

wood fence Alexandria

NOVA property owners get several advantages when they choose a high-quality wood fence from LFO. Installing an enclosure in your yard improves privacy, protects pets, and enhances security. Our team is prepared to offer exceptional fencing solutions for Alexandria, VA, homeowners, and the surrounding communities.

If you’re considering a new fence, deck, or patio, contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today for a free estimate! Experience the difference that personalized service and quality craftsmanship can make for your property.

Steel Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire Secures Alexandria, VA Property

In Alexandria, VA, securing property boundaries is crucial. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recently addressed the concerns of a residential property owner whose land bordered a nature preserve, requiring clear demarcation and enhanced safety measures. Luckily, he contacted Virginia’s trusted security fence company, which has decades of installation experience.

Safeguarding Boundaries: Steel Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire Topper in Alexandria, VA

The property owner faced issues with unwanted access of wildlife and people mistaking his land for part of the nearby nature preserve. To tackle this, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. installed a 6-foot tall steel chain link fence and a 1-foot tall barbed wire topper, effectively marking and securing his land’s boundary.

The service process started with a thorough site survey and precise measurements along the property line.  The installation team then cleared excess vegetation and debris to ensure a clear path for the fence.  Sturdy steel posts were strategically positioned and firmly anchored, providing a solid foundation. Next, a strong steel chain link was installed using high-quality metal fasteners covering the entire boundary. A 1-foot topper of barbed wire was added along the top edge to enhance security.

Chain link fencing offers several advantages over other types, as it provides excellent visibility, allowing unobstructed views of the natural area while still marking the boundary. The steel chain link is durable, offering longevity and requiring minimal maintenance compared to other materials.  The open  design allows wind to pass through, minimizing stress on the structure during strong weather conditions.

For property owners seeking easily marked boundary and security, chain link fences offer an efficient solution, especially when paired with barbed wire.

Contact LFO today to discuss tailored fencing solutions for your security needs!

steel chain link fence

LFO Protects Pool with Vinyl Privacy Fence Around in Alexandria, VA

Thinking about a wood or vinyl privacy fence for your home? Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is homeowners’ go-to expert for top-notch vinyl fencing solutions in Alexandria, VA. Specializing in crafting durable and stylish enclosures, their services safeguard local residential properties while enhancing their beauty.

One Alexandria, VA, residential client faced a critical issue: their beautiful home lacked a protective barrier around the backyard pool, causing safety hazards and violating municipal pool codes. They turned to LFO for a reliable fencing solution that would make their pool safe and complement their home’s exterior look.

LFO Protects Alexandria Pool with a Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Topper

Our Alexandria, VA homeowner chose a privacy fence design made from white vinyl that has the look of wood and a beautiful vinyl lattice topper, adding a touch of elegance to the enclosure. Vinyl, known for its durability and low maintenance, emerged as the material of choice. This fencing material doesn’t just ensure security; it elevates the property’s aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

The project started off with a property assessment, surveying and marking the area for precise positioning. Then, our contractors cleared debris to ensure a level surface. Next, we placed posts and set them securely into the ground using concrete for stability. They then installed vinyl fencing panels for a durable and attractive privacy fence. Finally, the entire structure was inspected to guarantee stability and durability before completing the installation process. The homeowners were floored with their transformed backyard with its newly installed vinyl privacy fence and lattice topper.

Improve Your VA Home with a New Vinyl Privacy Fence by LFO!

For property owners in Alexandria, VA, considering a pool fence upgrade, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. stands ready to deliver. Secure your property, comply with safety standards, and enhance the visual charm of your outdoor space today.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for a fencing solution that blends safety, style, and quality craftsmanship.

vinyl gate with lattice

LFO Crafts Beautiful New Wood Privacy Fence in Alexandria, VA

Do you know who to call when you need a wood privacy fence in Alexandria, VA? Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is the the company to tailor your fencing needs that redefines property privacy and security all over Virginia. Recently, we undertook a unique project at a residential property in Alexandria, demonstrating our prowess in delivering top-notch wood privacy fences.

This fencing project started with a comprehensive design consultation. Our client loved their new home but needed to secure their new property to feel really at ease. They also wanted a long-lasting and low-maintenance fencing solution. Addressing their concerns, our team designed a custom 6-foot-high wood privacy fence with two gates. This fence not only promised security but also elevated the property’s value and appearance. The client chose wood for its durability and low maintenance needs as well. This choice ensured longevity while offering an elegant charm to the property.

After the initial design work, we were out to their Alexandria, Virginia property quickly. Our experienced construction contractors swiftly installed the tall privacy fence utilizing high-quality wood, reflecting our commitment to excellence. The project included two matching gates, which we installed quickly, using high-quality steel hinges and fittings. When we were done, the Lotsa Fence Options crew cleaned up, too!

Our client’s satisfaction spoke volumes about our dedication to customer needs. They were not only impressed by the impeccable work of our crew but also by our thoughtful design process and genuine care for their property.

Building Wood Privacy Fences in Alexandria, VA

Local property owners in Alexandria, VA, looking to enhance their property’s privacy, take the proactive step today! Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., and explore our range of wood privacy fences designed to elevate and secure your residential space.

Elegant Security: Residential Fence Installation in Alexandria, VA

Transforming residential spaces into safe and aesthetically pleasing environments is at the core of what we do at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., serving the Virginia community with quality residential fence installation. In a recent project in Alexandria, we showcased our expertise in installing aluminum fences, delivering both security and elegance to our client’s property.

Enhancing Residential Security with Aluminum Fencing

Our experienced outdoor construction team addressed the primary concern of an unsecured residential property in Alexandria, VA by installing a specially crafted 4-foot tall aluminum fence. Adorned with decorative elements, this fence was designed to emulate the classic look of wrought iron, providing a timeless aesthetic while ensuring robust security. We also installed an easy-open gate and a matching step railing, enhancing accessibility and safety.

The cost-effectiveness of aluminum fencing over traditional wrought iron was a standout feature for our client. Beyond its visual resemblance to iron, aluminum’s durability and low-maintenance nature make it a practical and budget-friendly choice for property owners seeking both style and security.

Our client’s satisfaction speaks volumes about the success of this residential fence installation project. They were delighted with our fences’ transformation to their residential property, seamlessly blending with the existing landscaping and imparting a sense of timeless elegance. The feedback received was overwhelming! They felt the fence looked as though it had always belonged there.

Ready to upgrade your residential property in Alexandria, VA? Lotsa Fence Options is the answer!

Secure your residential property with our exquisite aluminum fencing solutions. Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today to elevate the security and beauty of your home in Virginia with residential fence installation!

residential fence aluminum

residential fencing aluminum

Beautiful New Vinyl Privacy Fence Adds Pool Safety in Alexandria, Virginia

We recently had the privilege of assisting a homeowner seeking a significant upgrade for their residential property in Alexandria, VA with a custom gate and vinyl privacy fence. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the leading fencing installation company in the area, swiftly engaged with the homeowner, focusing on their unique requirements and desires. This homeowner, who discovered LFO through the internet, faced a critical issue—a deteriorating, outdated fence surrounding their backyard with a pool.

Recognizing the importance of pool safety and the desire for a low-maintenance solution, we guided the homeowner toward a brilliant choice: a pristine white vinyl privacy fence with an elegant lattice top. Vinyl fencing offers numerous benefits, including its remarkable durability, resistance to the elements, and, most importantly, low maintenance. It’s an excellent investment for those who value long-lasting quality without the need for frequent upkeep.

Vinyl privacy fences not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also provide the seclusion you desire, making it an ideal choice for pool areas. Safety around pools is paramount, and installing the proper pool fencing not only ensures compliance with local regulations but also offers peace of mind to homeowners and their families.

Our expert construction contractors managed the entire process, from the removal of the old worn to the installation of brand-new materials, including vinyl boards and iron fence fittings. The result was a privacy fence and gate that perfectly suited the homeowner’s unique needs and the layout of their property. The installation was executed precisely and carefully, ensuring a safe, durable, and visually appealing fence. This project was completed efficiently, with a strong focus on cleanliness during and after installation. Our dedicated crew, led by experts in the field, ensured the homeowner’s complete satisfaction. Their property was transformed, with the new vinyl privacy fence being the standout feature.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., we are dedicated to helping homeowners in Virginia make the right choice for their fencing needs. Our personalized service sets us apart, ensuring you receive the best solutions tailored to your property. Contact us today for a free estimate and discover how vinyl privacy fencing can enhance your home.

Horizontal Board Privacy Fence in Alexandria VA

In Alexandria VA, Lotsa Fence Options is the premier outdoor construction company. We specialize in fencing, but we also offer deck and patio construction to create the perfect outdoor space for both Virginia homeowners and business owners. We recently helped an Alexandria VA homeowner with a privacy fence to protect and beautify their residential property.

The homeowners were worried about their pets and wanted a fence to keep their front yard secure so their dogs could run around and not get into the street. Because it’s the front yard, they also wanted to block the view of pedestrians and neighbors. At LFO, fence options are in our name, so we were able to offer these homeowners a wide variety of fencing types, including sturdy aluminum fencing, picturesque picket fences, affordable chain link fences, and wooden fencing.

They chose a wood privacy fence with a horizontal board design. Unlike a traditional fence, which has horizontal rails and upright boards, this one has upright fence posts with horizontal fence boards. These provide the same amount of privacy as traditional wood fences with a unique look. Wood is a great material for privacy fences because it’s sturdy, versatile, and paintable for a huge number of color options.

Our Alexandria VA homeowners were overjoyed with their new horizontal board privacy fence. Not only did they love the look of their new fence, but they were also impressed with the efficiency of the Lotsa Fence Options fencing installation crew because we installed their wood fence in one day!

Contact us for a free consultation about fencing your property!

Aluminum Pool Code Fence Installed by Alexandria Fence Contractor

A swimming pool is a great way to increase residential property values for individual homes as well as multifamily properties like apartment complexes. Property management companies are well versed in safety measures for their residents as well as local building codes, so they often have pool fences, but residential homeowners may not know that a swimming pool can be a serious hazard. It’s vital to protect small children and pets from accidental drowning or poolside accidents with a professionally installed pool fence.

The outdoor construction professionals at Lotsa Fence Options are well versed in all the building codes for swimming pools and other outdoor areas. We recently helped an Alexandria VA homeowner understand more about pool codes for fencing and how a new aluminum pool fence could protect their family. Their back yard already had a beautiful wood privacy fence around the perimeter, but the swimming pool wasn’t protected. Their young ones were getting old enough to explore, and they realized they needed a pool fence.

LFO is Alexandria VA’s trusted fencing company, and the homeowners found us on the internet. Impressed by our customer testimonials and awards, they gave LFO a call. After a consultation and explanation of pool codes for fences, the homeowner chose an aluminum pool code fence that has a durable finish and looks very high end while also providing long lasting protection for their family.

We got their new aluminum fence installed quickly to provide added peace of mind and protection for their property. The customers through our team was very knowledgeable and professional, and they thought their new aluminum fence is beautiful. For this level of care for your property, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation Near Alexandria VA

Vinyl privacy fences are a wonderful addition to any residential property because they have tons of advantages over other fence types. First of all, a privacy fence is the highest level of protection for a back yard because not only does it physically block wild animals or intruders from coming onto your property, but it blocks the view of neighbors or pedestrians.

As far as fencing materials go, vinyl fencing is also a good choice for many reasons. While wood fencing can rot or warp over time since it’s porous, vinyl planks are fully sealed so that moisture cannot enter. This means that vinyl fencing won’t suffer from water damage and stay just as beautiful as the day it’s installed.

A homeowner in Alexandria VA got to learn all the advantages of a vinyl privacy fence when they contacted Virginia’s best fence company, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. After a consultation where the homeowner chose a white, wood-look vinyl fence, we installed the privacy fence around their yard in record time! The customer loved how fast the installation was, and they’re happy that now their have the whole yard to run around in.

In communities around Alexandria VA, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is the most trusted fence installation and repair company with access to all the latest fencing materials like vinyl fencing. Whether you need a privacy fence around a small yard or protecting a large commercial property, the LFO fencing crew can handle the job.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Alexandria VA’s trusted fence company, for a free site inspection to get your fencing project started!

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