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Fence Contractor – Arlington, VA – Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. has been a proud provider of custom fences in Arlington. At LFO we strive to deliver top of the line custom fences, from wrought iron to wood to vinyl, we have it all. Whether you are looking for a perimeter fence in your backyard, or some curbside appeal, we have you covered. If you are looking for a fence contractor in Arlington, give us a call today! We would love to help you out with your next project!

A few of our top fences are:

Privacy Fence
Wood Fence
Vinyl Fence
And more!

All About Arlington, VA

Arlington County is a county located in the United States commonwealth of Virginia. It is usually referred to as Arlington. It has an estimated population of about 230,000 residents. It is the sixth-largest county in Virginia by population. Arlington County also has the fifth highest median family income. It is located in Northern Virginia on the southwest side of the Potomac River. It is across from the United States capital Washington D.C. Due to the proximity to the country’s capital, Arlington is home to many government officials, dipolomats, and active military.

One of the most historic landmarks in Arlington is the Arlington National Cemetary. It was established during the American Civil War, at the location of Robert E. Lee’s house. His house was known as Arlington House. It has nearly 300,000 graves, making it the second-largest national cemetery. It is home to some of the most decorated veterans of World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and more. There are also a number of memorials near the cemetery such as the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, The U.S. Air Force Memorial, and others. The location is full of wonderful historical relevance.

Arlington is also home to the United States Department of Defence Headquarters, The Pentagon. It is the world’s largest office building and was constructed in 1943. It is so large that the Pentagon has six different zip codes assigned to it. It is home to approximately 23,000 civilian and military personnel. Due to its shape, it has 17.5 miles of corridors but only takes approximately seven minutes to walk between any two points.


Read About a Recent Fence Project in Arlington!

Fence contractor in Arlington installs Wood Privacy Fence and Chain Link Drive Gate

In the Arlington VA area, Lotsa Fence Options is the trusted fencing company because of our decades of experience and strong relationships with fencing suppliers. We can find the right type of fencing for any property, commercial or residential, as well as work closely with property managers or homeowners to design a fence that meets their needs and lasts for years.

We were recently contacted by a residential homeowner in Arlington VA who had a dilapidated fence. They wanted to protect their property and create privacy with a solid fence, but needed an easy to open gate for their driveway. Budget was also a concern, so the LFO fencing experts worked with them to find fencing materials that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg while providing the best security.

Cost-effective fencing materials include wood, perfect for a privacy fence, and chain link, which we used for the drive gate. To give the chain link an upscale look, the homeowner chose a black finish that protect the metal. We’re able to offer unique fencing materials like black chain link because we’re connected with trusted fencing material suppliers.

The LFO fence installation crew worked quickly and efficiently to get their privacy fence and chain link drive gate put in, and the Arlington VA homeowner was thrilled with the speed of their work. Our customer was also happy with the way the Lotsa Fence Options fencing professionals communicated with them, designing the fence with them and keeping them abreast of all work that was done.

Fencing Contractor in Arlington VA Installs Aluminum Fence

As the premier fencing company in Arlington, Lotsa Fence Options Inc (LFO) are dedicated to helping our neighbors improve their properties with fencing that meets their budget and their needs. We were recently contacted by a homeowner in Arlington, VA who was having a border dispute with their neighbor and needed a fence to properly mark their property lines.

One of our experienced fence contractors got out to the residential property quickly to perform a thorough site inspection. We then consulted with the homeowner to find their budget and aesthetic for their new fence. Aluminum fencing is a very durable option that offers the same look as wrought iron for a fraction of the cost. The modular nature of most metal fencing also allows for moveable sections, which is what they needed in this particular case.

After performing our customer-focused preparations, we determined that the best thing to do was to install a section of fence with a latch system that would allow it to be moved back to the property line if necessary. We installed a beautiful new aluminum fence around their property and added that special section to honor the property line. The homeowner was very pleased with that elegant solution.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is dedicated to full client satisfaction with every job. With our experience in Virginia, we’re Arlington’s most trusted fencing company, and every completed job builds on that reputation. If you’re considering fencing for your Arlington, VA area property, contact us right away for a consultation.

Fence Company near Arlington replaces damaged fence

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc has been the leading fence contractor in the Arlington VA area for decades, so when an Arlington area homeowner had a tree fall on their fence, they knew who to call. Fence damage due to severe weather is not something many property owners think about, but luckily, the LFO fencing pros have the expertise to help our neighbors with fence repair or replacement.

We were so pleased that our new Arlington, VA client found us through our website, and we quickly set up a consultation about fencing type and budget. True to our name Lotsa Fence Options, Inc offers our valued Virginia clients a wide variety of fence types, including vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, chain link, and wood fencing. Our exterior design experts helped the homeowner design a new wooden fence that would protect their property for years.

Our team got to work first removing the fallen tree that had caused the damage in the first place. Then we installed a beautiful new wooden privacy fence with a gate that matched their home’s exterior design perfectly. In addition to the security and value, any fence provides a property, wooden fences offer many advantages to property owners, including design versatility and low cost.

If the wooden fence on your Arlington, VA area property is missing slats, has cracks or warping, the professionals at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. are here to help. Contact us today, and one of our fence experts will talk to you about your fencing options.


Wood Fence for Backyard

The custom fences we build at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. are unique for each individual customer. Whether you are looking for a brand new wood perimeter for your backyard or a white picket fence in the front, we’ve got you covered.

We recently received a call from a past client of ours who was looking for a new fence in Arlington. We had built and installed a fence for them in their front yard. They were looking to add a new fence to their backyard. They told us that they wanted a perimeter fence to keep their dogs in. After speaking with them for awhile, we felt like we had a good idea of what they were looking for. The customers explained to us that they were looking for a white painted wood fence. With a variety of different fence options, we were prepared to build their next fence.

Our team was set to visit their property the following week. We evaluated the area of the backyard and their property. We determined the exact location and measurements for the fence. After leaving the property, we were excited to provide them with their next new fence.  

We began work on their new wood fence the following day.  When we had a finished product that was approved by the customer, we returned to their property for fence installation.  By the time the project was finished, the clients were very excited about their new fence. It gave their backyard a refreshed sense of style. The new fence was exactly what their yard needed.

If you are looking for a new fence in Arlington, VA, give us a call today! We are excited to help you with your next residential outdoor project!

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