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Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is a top fence contractor in Springfield, Virginia. We have been a premier fence company serving the residents of Springfield for many years. We offer a wide array of fence options, including but not limited to; wood fence, iron fence, vinyl fence, and more. With a focus on customer service and diligence, we have set the industry standard for fencing services. Give us a call today with any of your fencing needs! Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is the fence contractor that you can depend on!

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Springfield, Virginia

Springfield is a CDP (Census-designated place) that is located in the U.S. state of Virginia. This means that the location of Springfield was specifically designated for population-based statistics. Springfield has an estimated population of approximately 31,000 residents. While Springfield is technically a small area, it has a number of bordering CDP’s such as Newington, West Springfield, and North Springfield. These other CDP’s, often utilize a Springfield Address, giving the area a collective estimated population of over 100,000 residents.

Springfield has a very interesting and rich history. The first recorded history came from the late 1790’s when a saw and grist mill was built in the area that is now Springfield. It was owned by James Keene and was the origin of the current Old Keene Mill Road. The location was officially founded in 1847.

The location was named after the Springfield Farm that was owned by an Alexandria businessman named Henry Daingerfield. There were also a number of historical events that occurred in Springfield. At the Springfield Post Office, there were a number of American Civil War battles that occurred.

During the mid-1970’s Springfield became a popular retail location for residents and tourists. The Springfield Mall, later renamed the Springfield Town Center, was opened between 1973 and 1975.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we are very proud of our continued dedication to being a top fence contractor in Springfield, Virginia. Give us a call today to get started on your next outdoor project!

Learn About a Recent Springfield Fence Job!

Trex Composite Fencing Materials Upgrade Springfield, VA Property

Recently, some Springfield, VA, residents wanted to fortify their residential property while creating a secluded backyard oasis. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier fencing expert in Virginia, answered their call, providing a tailored solution by installing a privacy fence crafted from composite fencing materials specifically sourced from the renowned brand Trex.

Enhancing Privacy and Security: Trex Composite Fence Installation in Springfield, VA

Trex composite fencing materials are recognized for their remarkable benefits. Composed of 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibers and plastic, they offer unparalleled durability while promoting environmental sustainability. Composites require minimal maintenance, resisting rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring longevity without compromising appearance.

The installation process began with designing the ideal layout for the privacy fence, taking precise measurements to define the boundary, and planning out the project timeline. Trex composite fencing materials ensured both functionality and aesthetics, meeting the client’s desire for a secure and visually appealing enclosure for their backyard. First, our skilled construction contractors installed posts and aligned and secured the fence panels. A custom gate constructed from the same materials also reinforced security while harmonizing with the overall design.

Trex composite fencing VA

The choice of Trex composite fencing materials proved to be a wise investment for the client. Beyond durability, these materials offer a wide range of color options and textures, allowing for customization that complements any outdoor setting while providing the desired sense of privacy. The Springfield homeowners loved how fast we upgraded their property, and they’re happy they won’t have to worry about maintenance for a while.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recommends Trex composite fencing for Virginia homeowners seeking fencing solutions that merge security, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your property’s privacy and aesthetic charm with a custom gate and fence from LFO.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for fence installations tailored to your needs.

Lotsa Fence Options Installs Shadowbox Fence with Lattice Topper in Springfield, VA

In Springfield, VA, Lotsa Fence Options is the most reliable construction company for unparalleled fencing solutions, redefining privacy with our innovative offerings like shadowbox fences and decorative elements. Recently, our team undertook a beautiful project for a residential homeowner in Springfield that highlighted our expertise in crafting intricate wooden fence designs.

The homeowner’s need for privacy without compromising aesthetics naturally led them to our company. They sought more than a simple wooden fence, envisioning an attractive yet functional solution to enhance their property’s look and value. Embracing the challenge, our experienced construction contractors swiftly installed a wooden shadowbox privacy fence complemented by a lattice topper, guaranteeing privacy and visual appeal.

Creative Wood Shadowbox Fences and More in Springfield VA

The service process for constructing these distinctive fences is detailed yet fast. Our skilled contractors meticulously design and construct a shadowbox fence with alternating wood fence boards to create an attractive yet private layout. Adding a lattice topper enhances the elegance of the fence, providing a unique touch to the property that will add resale value.

What is a Shadowbox Privacy Fence Design?

For those unfamiliar, a shadowbox fence offers privacy without the starkness of a solid barrier. Its design allows airflow while preserving seclusion, making it an ideal choice for residential properties seeking an aesthetically pleasing yet functional fencing solution.

Our Springfield client loved their new fencing and the look it gave their home. They were impressed by the cost-effectiveness of such a complex fence design, the quality of materials used, and the remarkably quick turnaround time.

Are you a Virginia homeowner seeking a sophisticated privacy fence? Contact Lotsa Fence Options today! Experience the perfect blend of privacy, sophistication, and quality craftsmanship with our shadowbox fence solutions.

New Privacy Fence Installation in Springfield VA

For privacy fences, and all kinds of fences, in Virginia communities like Springfield, Losta Fence Options is the outdoor construction company that locals trust. We’ve installed thousands of custom fences of all types all over Virginia, and we’re proud to help locals improve their properties with new fences, whether they’re single-family homes, multi-family residential spaces, or even municipal parks.

Recently, a Springfield homeowner contacted us about getting more privacy on their property. We discussed options with them and ended up with a custom wood privacy fence. A wood privacy fence offers several benefits. First and foremost, it provides privacy and security by creating a barrier between your property and the outside world. This can be particularly important if you have a backyard that you want to enjoy without prying eyes or noise from neighbors. A wood fence can also add to the aesthetics of your property by enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor space.

A new wood privacy fence can also increase property values and serve as a long-lasting investment, as wood fences are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Overall, a wood privacy fence is a practical and attractive solution for those looking to enhance their property’s privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Our Springfield VA fence client discovered all these benefits when they got their new wood privacy fence! They loved their new fence but were impressed with how fast, clean, and professional our fence installers were. If you want to upgrade your residential property with a new privacy fence, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

New Picket Fence Install in Springfield VA

Picket fences are some of the quaintest and most classic fences in use today. This fence design goes back hundreds of years and gives any property, whether or not it’s a historic home, a classic, old-timey look. What most property owners don’t realize is that a picket fence is also one of the most cost-effective fence designs because it takes fewer materials to construct, and these materials are often some of the lowest cost as well: wood and vinyl.

If you’re thinking about a picket fence on your Virginia property, look no further than Lotsa Fence Options, Springfield VA’s best fence installation company. We’ve installed thousands of fences in many Virginia communities. True to our name, we have many fence options for our local clients ranging from aluminum pool fences to cedar wood privacy fences.

Recently we were contacted by homeowners in Springfield VA who wanted to replace the fence at the rear of their property, which was falling and looked unsightly. After a discussion with us about their property, the look of their home, and their need for a fence, they decided on a colonial gothic picket fence. This is a gorgeous historic fence design that adds a bit of colonial style to any property and looked great next to their home.

If you’re considering a fence for your property, whether residential or commercial, in Springfield VA, or surrounding communities, know that Lotsa Fence Options is the best fencing company in the area. We’re happy to design custom fences, gates, decks, and patios, helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Paddock Fence with Black Welded Wire Mesh Installation in West Springfield VA

A homeowner in Springfield VA knew they needed a way to secure their back yard so that their pets and children could enjoy the outdoors in safety. They weren’t sure who could build them a custom fence that met their needs, so they did what most people do: they went online. A search for “Springfield VA’s best fencing company” led them to LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc. We’ve been installing fences in Virginia for decades, so we have the fencing expertise and partnerships with reputable suppliers to create the right fence for their property.

Our fencing expert consulted with the homeowners about what they wanted from their fencing, the look of their house, and their budget. They chose a wooden paddock fence reinforced with welded wire mesh and a fully wooden gate. A wood paddock fence is a classic fencing design that features wooden posts and horizontal boards; this fence had four. The wire mesh was added to provide additional protection and a barrier for their dogs and children without interrupting airflow or line of sight.

The customers loved their new fence! Their dogs and kids could play in the yard, and they didn’t have to be worried about them. They were also happy that their fencing project was done within a week of signing the contract! That quick turnaround is so important for homeowners who have busy lives with kids, and it’s just one way that we at Lotsa Fence Options Inc show our local homeowners that we value their time and therefore value them.

If you’re considering a fence for your property, contact LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, Springfield VA’s most trusted fencing company!

Custom Fence Contractor completes New Lattice Fence Gate in Springfield VA

After looking online for the most reputable fencing company in their area, a Springfield VA homeowner found Lotsa Fence Options Inc. With our decades of experience in Virginia and our connections with fencing suppliers, we can design, source, and quickly install a custom fence that perfectly matches your home’s exterior aesthetic and lasts for a long time.

The Springfield homeowners had an old custom fence made out of wooden slats and lattice. They loved the design of their old privacy fence, but the wood had darkened, rotted, warped, and broken. This can be a problem with wooden fencing, but the life of a wood fence can be extended with sealants and paint, as well as timely repairs. As a full service fence company, LFO can repair and maintain your fencing as well as install a brand new fence.

At the Springfield VA home, we created a privacy fence with a unique design. The main fence was made in a shadow box style, where tall pickets are placed on either side of the rails so that they block sight but allow air to pass through freely. This type of fence provides privacy while reducing the chance of wind damage. The gate design was really cool as well, with two lattice panels on either side of the wooden gate.

The customer was very pleased with the efficiency of the LFO fencing crew. We were able to install their wood fence while they were at work, so they came home to a secure and beautified property! If you’re looking to protect and improve your residential property in the Springfield VA area, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the right choice.

Front Yard Fence for Springfield Couple

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is proud to be a top fence contractor serving Springfield, Virginia. We have continuously dedicated ourselves to providing the best customer experience possible. With products ranging from new fences to iron fences and more, we are the fence company for you. Make sure to give us a call today!

Our team was recently contacted by a local Virginia couple. They were looking for a new fence in Springfield. They explained to us that they had recently adopted a puppy from a local animal shelter. They were looking to enclose their front yard with an iron fence. They wanted something that would provide a solid perimeter for their new dog. They also wanted to help design something that added to the aesthetic of their house. We assured them we could help them design the perfect custom fence for their home.

We visited the residence later in the week with the designer in order to develop an idea of what the clients wanted in a new fence. After speaking with them in depth, we were able to determine a general idea for their custom iron fence. After a week or so of consistent contact with the clients, we came to a final design and style for their home. A new black iron fence that would create an excellent perimeter for their front yard, and would increase the curb appeal of their home. Both the clients and our designer were very happy with the final design.

Our team began manufacturing of the fence and within a few weeks, we had completed the custom fence in Springfield. After installation, we were very pleased to see the excitement that the new fence brought the client. We gave them some tips for proper fence maintenance and told them to contact us if they needed any further residential exterior work.

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