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Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is Annandale VA’s trusted fencing and outdoor construction company because we provide exceptional quality work as well as customer service. We can help you design your outdoor space as well as install quality chain link fencing, wood fencing, decking, custom patios, and more.

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  • We have experienced outdoor construction design experts who will shepherd our clients through the design process and make sure they get the fence, patio, or deck of their dreams.
  • No other fence and construction company can offer our level of service, and no other has their owner present at jobs sites with the crew.
  • Over the years, we’ve gotten experience creating the perfect outdoor spaces and developed relationships with suppliers to provide our clients with the best construction materials.

All About Annandale VA

With a 2010 population of 41,008, Annandale Virginia is a bedroom community serving Washington DC and Arlington VA. Located in Fairfax County Virginia, this quaint town is much more than a suburb. Annandale is home to the largest and oldest Northern Virginia Community College branch, as well as the Lifetime Learning Institute of Northern Virginia, an educational and cultural enrichment center for individuals over 50. These organizations prove the town’s dedication to its residents, but the area also has a lot for visitors to enjoy.

There are plenty of beautiful outdoor public spaces in the area that highlight Virginia’s natural beauty. The Annandale District Park is a huge park with sports and play areas, miles of wooded trails, scenic waterways, as well as Hidden Oaks Nature Center, which has tons of events and exhibits. Families can enjoy an outdoor concert or play at the amphitheatre Mason District Park. There are also lots of local shops and restaurants along historic King Street, and the Annandale Carnival is always a good time. One of the DC area’s largest Koreatowns is located in Annandale, and there’s always a lot of different foods to discover.

An Installation Project Cedar Privacy Fence Annandale VA

Lotsa Fence Options recently completed a project called, ” Installation Project Cedar Privacy Fence Annandale VA.”   At Lotsa Fence Options we excel in enhancing commercial properties with fencing solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics. In a recent project in Annandale, VA, we installed a Western Red Cedar Board and Batten Privacy Fence, setting a new privacy and value enhancement standard.

Not Just for Residential Properties! Secure Your VA Commercial Spaces with Cedar Privacy Fences

The primary concern for our client was establishing a definitive border for their commercial property while providing much-needed privacy for their residential neighbor. Our solution was a carefully crafted Western red cedar board and batten Privacy Fence. This fence delineated the property’s perimeter and offered a secure and private space, elevating its overall value.

This Annandale, VA, project really highlights the benefits of cedar privacy fences. Red Cedar, known for its durability and natural resistance to decay, ensured a long-lasting solution with minimal maintenance. The height and construction of this type of privacy fence also added value to the project, creating a secluded environment for the property and neighboring residents.

What is a board and batten style fence?
A Board and Batten Fence is a style of fencing constructed by affixing wide vertical boards (the boards) to cover the spaces between narrower vertical strips (the battens). Typically, the boards are overlapped, providing privacy and durability while creating a visually appealing, rustic aesthetic often seen in traditional and modern architectural designs.

Our client’s satisfaction is always the most important thing to us. Impressed by our work, they praised the efficiency of our crew. The quick installation of the cedar privacy fence was a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise in delivering timely, high-quality solutions.

Elevate the value and privacy of your commercial property with a premium cedar privacy fence from LFO. Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today to redefine the boundaries of your property in Annandale, VA!

cedar privacy fence in Annandale VA

Fence Contractor Annandale VA: Enhancing Privacy Measures

Annandale Fence Project - Cedar FenceLotsa Fence Options (LFO) Group, the fence contractor Annandale VA completed a project that showcased a cedar fence to enhance privacy measures for a customer.   The problem the customer faced was the need for a formidable barrier between their home and its neighboring property.  LFO Group’s solution encompassed robust 6×6 posts.  The story of this fence installation reflects the power of the internet in connecting homeowners with solutions that truly transform their living spaces.

The client’s quest for privacy led them to the internet, where they discovered LFO Group. With the aim of creating a solid division between their residence and the adjacent property, LFO Group proposed a cedar privacy fence. The natural beauty and durability of cedar would address the need for seclusion while harmonizing with the surroundings.

The outcome? A resounding success. The fence, with its timeless cedar aesthetic and sturdiness, fulfilled the client’s aspirations. A heartfelt comment captured the sentiment perfectly: “You guys are awesome! The fence looks fantastic and people are stopping to admire it daily!”

This real-life scenario underscores the significance of tailored solutions to common challenges. It reinforces how a simple, well-executed concept—like a cedar privacy fence—can drastically enhance both the functionality and appeal of a property. LFO Group’s expertise not only delivered a tangible product but also a daily source of admiration for the homeowners and their community.

In essence, this Annandale cedar fence project is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful solutions, illustrating how a straightforward internet connection can lead to a lasting and impactful change.

Fence Company in Annandale VA installs a Vinyl Privacy Fence in One Day

We recently had Annandale VA homeowners find us online after looking for the most reputable fencing company in their area, which of course was Lotsa Fence Options Inc. The homeowners needed more privacy in their back yard and wanted to create a safe place for their kids to play but didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of a wooden fence. With our relationships with suppliers, we could help them find the right fence option for their residential property!

Vinyl fencing can be a great option for homeowners who want a fence that will last for decades without requiring painting, sealing, or repairs. Vinyl is waterproof, meaning it won’t warp over time like wooden fencing, and there are a ton of color and finish options. These particular homeowners in Annandale VA chose a six foot tall privacy fence in white that looks like painted wood panels.

The pre-made vinyl fencing panels can be installed very quickly. In fact, we were able to finish their privacy fence, including gates, in one day, which astounded our Annandale VA clients! They were impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of our dancing installation crew, and they loved their new back yard.

LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, has been in the fencing business for decades, so we’ve seen all kinds of properties and tackled different problems. We’ve also developed close relationships with fencing suppliers, so we can find just the right type of fencing for your unique property. To protect your back yard or commercial property, contact LFO fencing experts right away.

Wood Privacy Fence in Annandale VA with Decorative Edge

For the best fence installation in Annandale VA, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the best choice. We have the experience and relationships with fencing manufacturers to offer our local clients the absolute best new fences for their properties. A homeowner in Annandale, VA just contacted the LFO fencing pros about getting a decorative wooden privacy fence to contain their beloved family dog and protect their local property, and we were happy to help.

Before any work got started, LFO sent a consultant to the property to perform a thorough inspection and determine the exterior aesthetic of the house and property. Because we’re a locally grown company, we know how important it is to make our local clients happy, so we always consult closely with property owners to find the best fencing for their budget and needs.

Wooden fencing is a classic option for privacy fences, and it offers a ton of different looks as well. This customer decided on an eight foot privacy fence with decorative top design called a Mount Vernon dip. Our experienced fence construction contractors installed deep-set durable wooden posts, then applied treated wooden slats, and finally cut the top of the fence into those beautiful Mount Vernon style curves.

When we were done installing the decorative wooden privacy fence, the Annandale VA client was very happy. So was their pup, who loved their new enclosure! At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc, Annandale’s premier fencing company, we’re always happy to see our clients (even canine ones) satisfied with our work. If you’re considering a fence for your property, click below for more information.

Best Fencing Types in Annandale VA

Homeowners have the choice of so many different fence types in Annandale VA and surrounding communities that it can be hard to make a decision. With Fairfax County VA’s premier fence company, Lotsa Fence Options Inc, on their side, DC area property owners can get custom fence design and quality installation of all kinds of fencing.

Popular Fence Types in Annandale VA

Each type of fencing is recommended for a certain use, so it’s important to understand the pros and cons for each fence type. Here’s a breakdown of the most common fence types in Annandale VA and surrounding areas so that you can make the best decisions for your property.

Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is exactly what it sounds like: fencing made from wooden posts and slats. This is one of the most versatile and classic type of fence because wooden fence slats can be cut in a variety of designs from picket fences to tall privacy fences. Wooden fencing pros include this design versatility but also cost-effectiveness and durability. Wooden fences do need more maintenance than other fence types, including staining and painting to keep them from warping.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is popular around pools because it is essentially waterproof. Metal fencing can also ave the look of wrought iron at a fraction of the price. This type of fencing is mostly maintenance-free, an advantage over wood, and it can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The major drawback to an aluminum fence can be low durability, as strong winds or weather can more easily damage this type of fence.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is one of the most cost-effective but also secure fencing types in Annandale VA and around the nation. Made from interlocking steel wires, chain link comes in different heights, and it can be endlessly customized for the property. This versatility makes chainlink a popular type of fencing for municipal properties, but it’s also great for homeowners who want to mark out a space without breaking the budget. It’s easy to install but doesn’t provide much visual security unless you also install vinyl strips.

Vinyl Fencing

A very economical and popular type of fencing is made from PVC or polymer composite materials that match the look of wooden fencing with superior water resistance and design versatility, as they can come in any color. Vinyl fencing is also cheaper and more eco-friendly than wood, and it can be prefabricated in sections for super easy installation. This might make it seem like vinyl fencing is the best type, but it can warp in extreme weather and sometimes the initial installation cost can be high.

Best Fencing Company in Annandale VA

Lotsa Fence Options Inc is Annandale VA’s leading fence company, and we got there in part by offering Virginia homeowners the highest quality fencing materials. With our experience, we have installed all types of fencing, so we have the expertise to protect your Annandale VA property with the best fence. Our dedication to our local clients also means we’ll do it at the best price as well.

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