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Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is the premier fence contractor in the West Springfield, VA area surrounding. We have been proudly serving our clients for a decade. We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers better than any other decking, patio or fencing contractor in the area. We not only offer the highest quality of custom patios, decks and fencing within the area but we also strive to have excellent communication with our customers so they are aware of what to expect from start to finish.

Top Fencing and Other Services Offered in West Springfield, VA

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  • Fence Design

  • Wood Fences

  • Custom Fences

  • Fence Installation

  • Custom Decks

  • Custom Patios

Why Choose Lotsa Fence?

  • We offer a quality of service that no other fence company will come close to.
  • Our custom decks, patios and fencing are designed to meet the unique needs and desires of each client.
  • We have plenty of experience and have been meeting our customers’ fencing, patio and decking needs for nearly a decade.
  • No other fencing company ensures that the owner is physically present at each job site.
  • Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

Things to Do in West Springfield, Virginia

West Springfield is located in Fairfax County, Virginia and is a suburb of Washington, D.C. There are lots of things to do in West Springfield, including many parks to visit and a multitude of gyms, lakes and restaurants.

If you feel like shopping, you can make a short drive to picturesque shopping spots like Mosaic District, which is an urban shopping center marked with a sophisticated, vibrant environment that features a movie theater, national retailers and gourmet dining.

Head over to hidden pond for a quiet and undisturbed woodland experience as well as a tranquil pond and quiet trails. Take a hike, hit the trails or take the kids to the Hidden Pond Nature Center Playground, which is a unique nature-themed playground full of fun activity.

Trex Composite Fencing Materials Upgrade Springfield, VA Property

Recently, some Springfield, VA, residents wanted to fortify their residential property while creating a secluded backyard oasis. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier fencing expert in Virginia, answered their call, providing a tailored solution by installing a privacy fence crafted from composite fencing materials specifically sourced from the renowned brand Trex.

Enhancing Privacy and Security: Trex Composite Fence Installation in Springfield, VA

Trex composite fencing materials are recognized for their remarkable benefits. Composed of 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibers and plastic, they offer unparalleled durability while promoting environmental sustainability. Composites require minimal maintenance, resisting rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring longevity without compromising appearance.

The installation process began with designing the ideal layout for the privacy fence, taking precise measurements to define the boundary, and planning out the project timeline. Trex composite fencing materials ensured both functionality and aesthetics, meeting the client’s desire for a secure and visually appealing enclosure for their backyard. First, our skilled construction contractors installed posts and aligned and secured the fence panels. A custom gate constructed from the same materials also reinforced security while harmonizing with the overall design.

Trex composite fencing VA

The choice of Trex composite fencing materials proved to be a wise investment for the client. Beyond durability, these materials offer a wide range of color options and textures, allowing for customization that complements any outdoor setting while providing the desired sense of privacy. The Springfield homeowners loved how fast we upgraded their property, and they’re happy they won’t have to worry about maintenance for a while.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. recommends Trex composite fencing for Virginia homeowners seeking fencing solutions that merge security, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your property’s privacy and aesthetic charm with a custom gate and fence from LFO.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for fence installations tailored to your needs.

New Wood Lattice Fence and Gates near West Springfield VA

Some homeowners want privacy from their new fencing but also want it to look good and allow for airflow and easy access to the yard. To get the right style of wood fence, they need the help of an experienced fencing expert like the contractors at LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc,  West Springfield VA’s best custom fencing company.

Wood fence styles that include privacy and airflow include shadowbox and lattice fencing. Shadowbox fences have pickets on both sides of the rail with a space between for air but a blocked view, and wood lattice does the same with horizontal and vertical wood rails breaking up the view but allow air through.

Some homeowners in Springfield VA had found this mix of privacy and style with a shadowbox privacy fence with wooden lattice panels by the gate. When our new client was looking for the right custom fence company online, their search for the “most trusted fencing company in my area” returned Lotsa Fence Options Inc, and they called to see if we could replace their current privacy fence in the same style.

The LFO fencing contractors were proud to recreate their wood lattice fence and gates in Springfield VA using their superior workmanship. They created a wooden shadowbox fence and added decorative wood lattice fence panels as well as convex style wood fence gates. We got this complicated wooden fence design completed in record time, too!

For your perfect custom wood fence in northern Virginia, contact Lotsa Fence Options Inc, Springfield VA’s most trusted fencing company!

New wood fence near West Springfield VA

Recently, a West Springfield VA property owner called Lotsa Fence Options in a panic. A fox had gotten into their chicken coop out at their property in Haymarket VA. They also badly needed a fence to give their dogs a safe space to run. They needed our construction experts to build them a safe chicken coop and help their beloved dogs get their exercise in peace. A knowledgeable contractor immediately went out there to see what they could do to keep these local homeowner’s animals safe.

Working with the homeowner, we found a solution that would compliment the look of their house, give their animals safe spaces, and not break the bank. As an added bonus, the work would seriously raise their property values! The options that worked best for them were a sturdy wooden coop with a secure wood and wire fence for the chickens and a wood fence for the dogs. 

New Wood and Wire Fence

A wooden fence was a great option for this property because of its affordability and adaptability. Because the Lotsa Fence Options experts were creating two different outdoor spaces for two different types of animal, a wooden fence was the perfect choice, as wood fences can be constructed in infinite configurations. In order to keep both the dogs and the chickens safe, wire mesh was added between wooden fence slats in another example of a wooden fence’s adaptability.

The West Springfield, VA client was overjoyed at the high quality workmanship of their secure chicken coop and their new wooden fence, and they were particularly pleased with how well the company communicated with them. This just goes to show why Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is the premier fence and construction company for the entire Alexandria, Virginia area. If you have a fencing problem, let our experienced construction contractors help you by contacting us today!

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