Vinyl Fence

What is Vinyl Fencing?

When fencing professionals like the experts at Lotsa Fence Options talk about vinyl, they mean Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC just like the type used in plumbing and construction. This versatile plastic is the second largest plastic manufactured and sold in the world. In fence construction, vinyl is shaped into posts, rails, boards, and many other shapes to make fencing components in a myriad of finishes. Because it’s manufactured plastic, vinyl fencing can also be created in a ton of different colors to mimic wood or even metal. This type of plastic is highly prized as a fencing material because it is several orders of magnitude stronger than wood and almost impervious to moisture and mold. Very little maintenance is needed with vinyl fencing beyond cleaning it every season.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing vs Other Materials

With vinyl fences, there are a million style options, as PVC fencing can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, colors, finishes, and styles. Want a white picket fence that won’t split or warp and last 30 years? Need a privacy fence in a bright barn red with pointed post toppers? Want a sturdy stockade fence for an attractive horse pen? Vinyl fencing can do all of that. Another huge advantage of vinyl fencing materials is that they do not react to weather like wood. This means where wood fencing might warp from changing temperatures, a vinyl fence will stay straight and true for years. As PVC is naturally resistant to mold, vinyl fencing also doesn’t require repainting or major maintenance like wood. Hosing down a vinyl fence with water or a cleaner mixed with water is enough to maintain your fence. When properly installed, vinyl fences are also strong enough to withstand any kind of weather and not rust like metal fencing or crack like wood.  

Lotsa Fence Options and Vinyl Fences

The professionals at Lotsa Fence Options have the expertise to help you find the perfect type of fence for your property. They have the knowledge of all the different types of fencing and the properties of all the different fence materials. It’s right there in the name! They also understand your needs as a local property owner, and they’ll go over your fencing needs, your style, and your budget to help you find the perfect fence. Contact LFO today for a consultation.

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