Woodbridge, VA Wood Privacy Fence Improves and Secures Property

Woodbridge, VA Wood Privacy Fence Improves and Secures Property

In Woodbridge, VA, a family wanted to transform their residential property to enjoy their backyard without the neighbors seeing everything. They contacted Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. to create a secluded outdoor haven. Our comprehensive solution to their privacy and security problems is the installation of a custom-designed privacy fence with post caps and fascia boards and a custom wooden gate.

Enhancing Privacy and Security: Woodbridge, VA’s Wood Privacy Fence Upgrade

Here’s our process for installing this kind of fencing on residential properties. At the project’s outset, measurements are conducted to mark the fence layout accurately.

The construction begins by digging holes for posts at calculated intervals, ensuring proper spacing and alignment. Contractors take special care to secure each post firmly into the ground using concrete. Once the posts are set, horizontal support rails and wooden panels are securely attached. Each wooden panel is carefully aligned, ensuring a seamless and uniform appearance.

Installing fascia boards along the top edge adds a distinctive touch. These boards not only contribute to the fence’s beauty but also protect the integrity of the wood. Post caps enhance durability and visual appeal, shielding vulnerable points from moisture and decay.

Each gate is custom-built to complement the design and enhance the overall security of the enclosure. We install hinges and latches carefully for smooth opening and closing. Contractors conduct thorough checks to ensure gates are level, swing correctly, and securely latch when closed.

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For Virginia residents seeking to redefine their outdoor spaces, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is the gateway to more privacy and security. Our new Woodbridge, VA, clients now enjoy their enclosed yard without the intrusion of prying eyes.

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