Wood Shadowbox Fence and Custom Gate Elevate Townhome in Woodbridge, VA

Wood Shadowbox Fence and Custom Gate Elevate Townhome in Woodbridge, VA

What’s the best way to get privacy and airflow in your backyard? For homeowners in Woodbridge, VA, the answer was a wood shadowbox fence.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. (LFO), we pride ourselves on providing top-tier fencing solutions and outdoor spaces tailored to meet Virginia property owners’ needs. Serving the Woodbridge, VA area, our expertise includes wood fence installation and crafting custom gates, so we were happy to help our new clients create a beautiful new outdoor space.

Enhancing Privacy and Charm: Wood Shadowbox Fence and Custom Gate Project in Woodbridge, VA by Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

Situated closely among neighboring townhouses, the Woodbridge clients’ primary concerns were securing their property and acquiring privacy without compromising airflow. Additionally, they wanted a gate that would stand out and give their new fence some style. After consultation, they chose a wood shadowbox fence and a custom wood gate with a graceful arch design.

Our dedicated team at LFO embarked on this project by installing the wood shadowbox fence. Given the limited space surrounding the townhome and the necessity to work closely with existing structures, our experienced contractors executed the installation with precision and care, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal functionality. A wood shadowbox fence is assembled by alternating overlapping vertical wood boards on both sides of horizontal rails, creating a visually appealing design while providing partial airflow. Our skilled artisans also crafted a custom wood gate with a beautifully curved top, adding an element of elegance and exclusivity to the property. Throughout the process, rigorous quality checks were conducted to ensure impeccable results and client satisfaction.

This project exemplifies LFO’s ability to navigate challenging spaces while delivering impeccable craftsmanship with custom fencing. Our expertise extends beyond fencing, though, as we also create inviting outdoor spaces, including patio installations. Property owners in Woodbridge, VA, seeking to fortify security, enhance privacy, and elevate their outdoor spaces can benefit immensely from our specialized services.

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