Vertical Board Privacy Fence Installation in Annandale, VA

Vertical Board Privacy Fence Installation in Annandale, VA

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New homeowners in Annandale, VA, recently contacted us about a secure and visually pleasing enclosure for their pets.

Expert Vertical Board Privacy Fence Installation in Annandale, VA

vertical board privacy fenceHaving just moved in, the couple wanted to ensure their dog’s safety and create a cohesive look with their neighbor’s property. Recognizing their needs, LFO quickly responded to provide a durable and stylish solution: a vertical board privacy fence.

Our team began the project by preparing the site, ensuring the ground was level and clear of debris. The installation process started with setting the posts securely in concrete to guarantee stability and longevity. Once the posts were in place, we installed 1x6x6 pressure-treated vertical boards. We installed 4-foot-high fencing in the front yard, while the rear yard featured a 6-foot-high enclosure to enhance privacy.

The fence installation included adding cap and fascia boards to provide a polished finish and additional structural support. Cap boards run along the top, offering a sleek, finished look and protecting the end grains of the vertical boards. Fascia boards cover the ends of the vertical boards, enhancing the residential structure’s durability by shielding it from rain. Additionally, we installed gates with flat tops, matching the cap and fascia boards to ensure a cohesive look throughout the property.

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This vertical board privacy fence design offers numerous benefits for homeowners. It provides a secure and enclosed environment for pets and children, enhancing safety and peace of mind. The high-quality pressure-treated wood ensures durability and longevity, reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, the design adds a touch of elegance and privacy to the property, making outdoor spaces more enjoyable and functional.

Annandale, VA, homeowners looking to enhance their properties with custom vertical board privacy enclosures can trust LFO as their dependable choice. Reach out for a free estimate and experience our exceptional craftsmanship and tailored service.

vertical board privacy fence

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