Stopping Groundhogs with Fencing Solutions in Clifton, VA

Stopping Groundhogs with Fencing Solutions in Clifton, VA

We recently had the pleasure of working with one of our loyal customers in Clifton. Having completed a previous project for them, they knew exactly who to call when faced with a new fence challenge.

The Problems: Groundhogs were burrowing underneath their fence, and they needed a plan to stop them. They also wanted to make the fence taller to add privacy to their yard. Our team was up for the challenge and devised a plan for both. 

Our Solution: Armed with experience and a determination to deliver, our team utilized a trench machine to embed vinyl-coated wire mesh 2 feet down into the ground along the entire fence line. This wire mesh was then securely attached to the rear of the fence, ensuring no more unwelcome groundhog guests. We also raised the entire fence to add the privacy they wanted.

The best part? Not only have the groundhogs been deterred, but our client now loves the more private yard.

Feedback: “It was done in a day, and no other fence company came up with a solution even remotely similar! This company rocks!”

Thank you for trusting us with your fencing needs. At Lotsa Fence Options, we’re not just building fences; we’re crafting solutions.


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