Custom Vinyl Privacy Fence Elevates Burke, VA Property

Custom Vinyl Privacy Fence Elevates Burke, VA Property

When you want to upgrade your Virginia residential property with a custom outdoor space, do you know what company to call? Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., Virginia’s trusted outdoor construction contractor, is the company to call premium custom fencing solutions. They recently helped a homeowner in Burke, VA, with a custom vinyl privacy fence.

Enhancing Virginia’s Landscapes: Vinyl Privacy Fence Solutions by LFO.

Our new client wanted to secure their yard while matching the architectural style of their neighborhood–and it needs to be low-maintenance, too. Vinyl fencing is a great choice for these kinds of projects. Their exceptional longevity surpasses wooden fences, spanning decades without staining or frequent maintenance. Cleaning is as simple as using a hose, making maintenance hassle-free. Beyond durability, vinyl fences offer flexibility, durability, and value. They are a durable, low-maintenance fencing solution that enhances curb appeal and complements home design.

Consulting with our Burke, VA homeowner, we designed a 6-foot tall privacy fence that seamlessly matched the neighborhood’s Neo-Colonial style. The installation consisted of placing posts crowned with post caps and connecting vinyl panels to create a solid barrier. This simple yet effective design ensured complete backyard privacy while blending effortlessly with the surrounding aesthetics. Vinyl fences present numerous advantages over traditional wooden counterparts. These fences, available in various colors including white, tan, and natural wood grain, offer the same style diversity found in wooden fences without maintenance drawbacks.

Burke privacy fence

Their new privacy fence added security, privacy, beauty, and value to their residential property. For Virginia homeowners seeking enduring and visually appealing fencing solutions, LFO recommends vinyl fences for their durability, elegance, and hassle-free maintenance. We also offer a wide variety of materials and designs, from tall privacy to picket fences, so we can match the style of the homes in your neighborhood and give your residential property lasting value.

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