New Wood Fence in Alexandria, VA

New Wood Fence in Alexandria, VA

We recently completed a custom wooden privacy fence project for a couple in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

They were concerned because their old fence was dilapidated and they were worried it was becoming a hazard. They had done patchwork on the fence for years but recently reached the decision to have it taken care of professionally once and for all.

They reached out to us hoping we could fix their problem for good. We asked how they heard about us and they said they found us after doing a google search. They then gave us a call.

We then talked about how wood fences are a fantastic option for a home when it comes to durability and affordability – plus they can add significant value to your home at a low cost. We told them that if they pursued regular wood fence maintenance and cared for it properly, a professionally installed wood fence can last many years!

We did the job the next week and wrapped it up quickly, removing the old fencing before building the new. The new fence is beautiful and added a great amount of curb appeal to their home. They no longer have to worry about safety issues or any pets or young loved ones running free from the containment of their yard.

The couple was thrilled with their new fence, later reaching out to us to tell us how much they love it while sharing some photos.

Thank you for trusting in Lotsa Fence!

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