New Cedar Privacy Fence Installed in Fairfax VA

New Cedar Privacy Fence Installed in Fairfax VA

In Fairfax VA, there’s only one trusted fencing company, and that’s LFO, Lotsa Fence Options Inc. We’re experienced in all sorts of fencing projects, both big and small, and we can leverage that experience to help both Virginia business and home owners protect their properties with brand new fences.

We were recently able to help some homeowners in Fairfax who had a dilapidated fence around their residential property. They needed a company who could remove the existing fence without damaging landscaping before putting in the new fence. In order to fully protect their property as well as raise their property values, they wanted to replace it and decided on a cedar wood privacy fence with some horizontal rails at the top.

Cedar privacy fencing with a decorative top has a lot of advantages for homeowners! For one, this kind of privacy fence blocks the view of neighbors and keeps wild animals and intruders from entering the property, but the horizontal rails allow for airflow, as well as looking beautiful. Cedar is also a great choice for a wooden fence because it’s naturally resistant to insects while also smelling wonderful.

Our Fairfax VA homeowners loved the smell in particular, but they were also super impressed with the speed at which the experienced LFO fencing crew got their new cedar privacy fence finished. We had the fence fully installed within a week. Even the neighbors loved it, and they’re now interested in getting some fencing work as well!

For a consultation about a new fence on your property, contact Lotsa Fence Options Inc today!

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