Metal Security Fence, Gate, and Intercom Secures Ashburn, VA Estate

Metal Security Fence, Gate, and Intercom Secures Ashburn, VA Estate

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., the premier outdoor construction company in Ashburn, VA, offers top-tier services, offering more than addressing fencing needs.  We install metal security fences, cellular security systems, electronic gates, and more. Recently, our team of experts were contacted by a prominent athlete who had just bought a home in Ashburn. He needed to increase his security, and we had the right solutions.

Securing Luxury: Metal Security Fence & Cellular Gate in Ashburn, VA

This athlete’s property required a secure enclosure and heightened security at the front entry. In response, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. executed a comprehensive plan, installing a tall metal security fence around the property’s perimeter. We didn’t stop there! We also integrated a sophisticated metal gate, stone columns adorned with illuminating lights, and an advanced cellular gate opening system equipped with a camera and intercom.

The installation process for the metal security fence involved precise steps to ensure stability and durability. Contractors meticulously laid out the fence line, placing and anchoring each metal section to the others with strong fasteners. The automated gate installed demanded skilled engineering involving precise alignment and testing for flawless operation. Integrating the cellular gate opening system and intercom provided an additional level of control over property access, improving monitoring capabilities.

metal security fence


Our experienced contractors also built two stone columns as anchors for the gate, all while ensuring the stonework matched the exterior design of the house. Our team then fitted, and connected, lights atop the columns to brighten the front entry, ensuring convenience and safety.

metal security gate

For homeowners looking for advanced features to secure their gates and fences, technological advancements offer a ton of options. Automated gates with cellular systems and intercoms provide remote access and surveillance capabilities, ensuring controlled property entry and improved safety. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is ready to provide tailored solutions for Virginia residents looking to fortify their properties with cutting-edge security fencing.

Secure your property’s safety and elegance with our advanced security gate and fence solutions. Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today!

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