Metal Picket Fence with ADA Railing Improves Clifton, VA Property

Metal Picket Fence with ADA Railing Improves Clifton, VA Property

In Clifton, VA, residential homeowners needed to accommodate an elderly family members’ mobility needs on their property.  Our Lotsa Fence experts made sure the homeowner’s pathways were level, and identified the customer needed a fence with an ADA railing.  

Enhancing Accessibility and Charm: ADA Railing Upgrades Aluminum Picket Fence in Clifton, VA

Addressing the customer’s concerns, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. installed a sophisticated black aluminum flat-top picket fence with ADA railing. The finished product looked good on their property, added value, and helped their family stay safe!

The installation began with carefully placing aluminum fence posts to create stability, each protected by square post caps that would add a little flair and contribute to the structural integrity.   Aluminum fencing panels were expertly installed with high-quality fasteners, forming the foundation of the elegant flat-top picket fence.  We installed matching black aluminum railing was affixed along a top rail at a comfortable height.  Our experts installed the security of the ADA railing all while striking the perfect balance between functionality and style. 

The Clifton, VA, homeowners picked the perfect design and material. The open flat-top picket design complements various architectural styles and maintains visibility while providing safety and a sense of enclosure. The sturdy metal construction ensures longevity, low maintenance, and heightened security. Aluminum is renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for durable fencing that exudes the elegance of wrought iron without the weight. Virginia homeowners who need custom additions like railings and other accessibility aids can trust Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for secure installation and lasting value.

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