Lotsa Fence Options Secures Mt Vernon, VA Historic Home with Custom Security Fence

Lotsa Fence Options Secures Mt Vernon, VA Historic Home with Custom Security Fence

In scenic Mt Vernon, VA, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. brings premier fencing services to homeowners, particularly catering to the needs of those safeguarding historic estates. Recently, a Mount Vernon residential homeowner needed to protect their land and access points.  The LFO team had the perfect solution: a custom security fence with the mechanical gate entry system.  Though their property is historic, this new security system is state-of-the-art.

Preserving Heritage: Custom Security Fence & Gate in Mt Vernon, VA

The revered historic home in Mt Vernon needed added protection without compromising its heritage appearance. To address this, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. undertook a comprehensive installation project, meticulously crafting a custom security fence surrounding the entire estate. We didn’t stop there; we also constructed stone columns to anchor a mechanized gate and topped them with lights. Integrating an advanced access system featuring a keypad further augmented the property’s security.

custom security fence Mt Vernon

The installation involved expert fencing and masonry craftsmanship, where each step included measures to increase the durability of the fence and the ease of use for the gate. First, our skilled contractors installed a tall metal privacy fence surrounding the entire property, ensuring precise alignment and anchoring for a sturdy and durable enclosure. The fencing material also has the look of wrought iron to match the historic home while retaining the versatility of modern materials. Next, the LFO team constructed the columns; their stone exterior contributed to the estate’s architectural beauty, and the antique-style lights fit right in. The mechanized gate and the sophisticated access system were flawlessly integrated, providing modern controlled access while preserving the historic charm.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers tailored solutions for homeowners, preserving heritage properties with added protection and privacy. Our mechanized gates and advanced security systems provide safety while complementing the historic aesthetic, ensuring the estate’s protection without compromising its unique character.

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