LFO Protects Pool with Vinyl Privacy Fence Around in Alexandria, VA

LFO Protects Pool with Vinyl Privacy Fence Around in Alexandria, VA

Thinking about a wood or vinyl privacy fence for your home? Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is homeowners’ go-to expert for top-notch vinyl fencing solutions in Alexandria, VA. Specializing in crafting durable and stylish enclosures, their services safeguard local residential properties while enhancing their beauty.

One Alexandria, VA, residential client faced a critical issue: their beautiful home lacked a protective barrier around the backyard pool, causing safety hazards and violating municipal pool codes. They turned to LFO for a reliable fencing solution that would make their pool safe and complement their home’s exterior look.

LFO Protects Alexandria Pool with a Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Topper

Our Alexandria, VA homeowner chose a privacy fence design made from white vinyl that has the look of wood and a beautiful vinyl lattice topper, adding a touch of elegance to the enclosure. Vinyl, known for its durability and low maintenance, emerged as the material of choice. This fencing material doesn’t just ensure security; it elevates the property’s aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

The project started off with a property assessment, surveying and marking the area for precise positioning. Then, our contractors cleared debris to ensure a level surface. Next, we placed posts and set them securely into the ground using concrete for stability. They then installed vinyl fencing panels for a durable and attractive privacy fence. Finally, the entire structure was inspected to guarantee stability and durability before completing the installation process. The homeowners were floored with their transformed backyard with its newly installed vinyl privacy fence and lattice topper.

Improve Your VA Home with a New Vinyl Privacy Fence by LFO!

For property owners in Alexandria, VA, considering a pool fence upgrade, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. stands ready to deliver. Secure your property, comply with safety standards, and enhance the visual charm of your outdoor space today.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. for a fencing solution that blends safety, style, and quality craftsmanship.

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