Wood Privacy Fence Project Near Stafford VA

Wood Privacy Fence Project Near Stafford VA

When a local homeowner needed a new privacy fence to protect their pool, they weren’t sure who was the best fencing company in their local area. Of course a Google of “best fence contractors in Stafford VA,” Lotsa Fence Options came right up! Because they could read testimonials from satisfied fence customers and see examples of privacy fencing we’d installed, our local homeowner could trust in Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

For a pool fence to be up to code, there are several different requirements it must meet. First, the fence must be over 48 inches tall with a gap of no more than 2 inches from the ground. Slats need to be close together, and the gate has to be self-latching and open outward. All of these pool fence requirements ensure that your pool stays secure from curious toddlers or innocent pets.

The Stafford VA homeowner contacted the LFO fencing crew, and together we designed a wood privacy fence for around the pool that also protected their yard from view while also looking very attractive. Wood is a cost-effective fencing material with a natural beauty that can last for years. They can even upgrade and repair their wood fence over its life to keep their property secure.

To get a properly constructed pool fence, you need a reputable fencing company on your side. Near Stafford VA, that company is Lotsa Fence Options. To protect your family and pets with a new wood privacy fence, contact us for a free inspection and estimate today!

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