Patio Types

Whether you own a home or a commercial property, a paved patio will raise your property values and make it more comfortable to enjoy the outdoors. To get a patio that fits the local natural landscape, you need a reputable contractor from your local area.

Property owners in the Fredericksburg area have an expert patio contractor in Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. We have expertise in creating all kinds of fences, decks, and patios.


Paved Patio Benefits: Get outside while staying home!

Your property is more than just buildings and land. Outdoor space is there to be enjoyed, but you need to be comfortable while you do that. A patio built by trusted contractors is the perfect way to bring a little of the great indoors outside with you and have a better experience whether it’s in your backyard or a courtyard in an apartment complex. With our expertise, we can transform your property with paved patios, walkways, walls, and stairs.


Patio Types in the Fredericksburg, VA Area

Stone and Paver Patios

There are so many ways to pave your outdoor space from flagstones to pavers to brick. Natural stone is of course unique and matches the landscape well, but there is a beautiful symmetry to a circular pattern made from specially cut pavers. A patio paved with brick can create a classic look to match stately homes and buildings. Engineered stone pavers can also provide superior durability while mimicking other materials.

Walkways & Steps

A patio isn’t just a sad space in the middle of some grass; you need paved walkways and steps to reach the patio. Paved walkways improve drainage, and custom stairs not only look good, but prevent erosion. The paving experts at Lotsa Fence Options can create walkways and driveways, as well as custom built stairs that match your new patio perfectly.

Walls & Railings

Low garden walls can partly enclose a patio for seating or to create a distinct space, and a trusted contractor can create them in matching paving to match the patio. A retaining wall is a wall that’s also critical for preventing erosion and improving soil stability, and they can be constructed from earth or paved as well.

What You Don’t Know About Paved Patios

While it’s pretty obvious a new patio will improve property values, many people don’t realize that it can also literally save their property. How? By improving drainage and preventing erosion. When your contractor designs paving near your home or business, they take water runoff into account. During professional installation, the contractor grades the ground under a patio or walkway to ensure that it will remain stable and won’t flood. A properly installed patio can keep water from collecting around your foundation and stabilize the land too.


Your Trusted Fredericksburg Area Patio Contractors

If you’re curious about what an expert patio company can do for your Stafford County, Spotsylvania County or Culpeper County property, you need to contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. We will give your site a thorough inspection, then work with you and your budget to create the perfect patio.

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