Chain Link Fence


All About Chain Link Fencing

Most people have a clear picture in their heads when they read “chain link fence,” but this classic form of fencing has a lot going on. Chain link fencing has lots of different names, including cyclone fence, wire-mesh fencing, or diamond-mesh fence, but this type of fence is always an affordable, sturdy option for property owners. In chain link fences, not to be confused with Aluminum fences, galvanized steel wire is woven into a mesh where zig-zag pieces interlock together, creating a distinctive diamond pattern. This steel wire diamond mesh is suspended between posts of many different materials, though they must be strong enough and sunk deep enough to maintain tension in the mesh. The steel wire mesh is very flexible and versatile, coming in heights from three to twelve feet. Though traditional chain link fences are open to provide a clear view, vinyl or wooden slats can be added to the mesh for privacy.


Benefits of Chain Link Fences

The two main advantages of a chain link over other types of fencing are affordability and quick installation. Chain link is an affordable option, even with vinyl coatings, partly because it is relatively cheap to install initially. However, the low maintenance needs of chain link fencing means you save in the long run as well. Professional fence installers like the experts at Lotsa Fence Options can also put up a chain link fence very quickly, which also keeps installation costs low and can be an ideal option for those that need a quick barrier. 


Is a Chain Link Fence Right for My Property?

Adding any type of fence raises the value of your property, as it keeps the property secure and new owners don’t have to worry about paying for a new fence installation of their own. If you need to secure a job site or get your property secured in a hurry, chain link fence is the way to go because of its quick installation. Chain link fencing also offers many more aesthetic options than you’d think. In addition to different types of posts, chain link itself can come with a variety of vinyl coatings, and slats can be added in the link for privacy. To discuss fencing options for your property, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

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