Deck Types

The Fredericksburg, VA area has some beautiful natural scenery, and every property should celebrate that with a custom-built deck. With our picturesque rolling hills, many homes and businesses are built on a slope that makes a raised deck more appealing than a paved patio, but property owners need a reputable contractor to properly design and build a deck.

Lotsa Fence Options Inc. is this company for the greater Fredericksburg area, and we’ve got experience creating custom decks, patios, fences, railings, and more for our local clients. Let’s look at why our local property owners should consider a custom deck.


Benefits of a Custom Deck


A deck can create useable space on your property that was just a slope before. This gives you a new space to eat, entertain, or just hang out. Our decking experts will work with you to design the perfect space and pick the right materials. Decks aren’t only for back yards, either, and we can help create a landing for a front door area.

Property Values

Since a deck adds useable space to the property, it automatically raises the value of the property, whether that’s a home or an apartment complex. A custom deck can also increase the curb appeal with so many finishes and styles to choose from. Custom decks are more affordable than many think, and you get a return on your investment.

Design Versatility

Because of the wide variety of materials, paint, and coatings, a new deck can match any exterior design. The days of wooden decking being the only option are long gone. Now we have modern composite materials that are stronger and lighter while still being as versatile as wood.


Deck Options in the Fredericksburg, VA Area

Natural Wood Decking

When most people think of a backyard deck, they think of treated cedar wood with a lattice underneath. Natural wood is a classic for outdoor construction, and these days, your trusted local contractor will have access to specially treated wood that won’t warp or discolor with moisture.

Composite Decks

Engineered wood materials make great fencing, decking, stairs, gazebos, pergolas, and all kinds of outdoor constructions. Composite materials give the same look as natural wood with increased resistance to wear and weather, not to mention a million different colors and finishes.

Custom Built Stairs & Railings

Most decks are built on some kind of supports above the ground, sometimes leading to the second storey of a structure. This means that stairs are part of the construction of a deck by necessity. Many people don’t realize that a trusted contractor can install custom stairs in any style to match your building, as well as perfectly matching railings to keep you safe.

Trusted Deck Company in Fredericksburg Area

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is the most trusted contractor in the greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area because we’ve got the experience, integrity, and relationships to help our clients create the perfect outdoor space. Whether it’s natural wood or composite materials, a deck can bridge the gap between the comfy indoors and the great outdoors.

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