Four board oak paddock pool fence with pool code wire

Four board oak paddock pool fence with pool code wire

Pool fence in Aldie, VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc had the honor of installing a pool fence for a nice couple in Aldie, VA.

The couple recently had a beautiful pool installed. They also have a golden retriever who enjoys swimming, much like just about any other golden out there. Because they knew how eager their dog was to jump in the water, they wanted to have a fence installed – and they wanted to be sure it was up to pool code to ensure that any other little feet were kept out when nobody was available to supervise them.

The client asked the pool company, which was Premier Pools, who they should talk to about having a pool fence installation performed by and they sent them to us.

They contacted us right away and we were able to come out the next day for a quote. We sat down to discuss options and they landed on a four board oak paddock with pool code wire.

We came back the next day to install the fence and knocked it out in one day.

The customer was extremely happy about how nicely the fence turned out and the fact they could let their dog out!

Thanks for choosing us to install your fence and thank you Premier Pools for the referral!

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