Fencing Contractor in Arlington VA Installs Aluminum Fence

Fencing Contractor in Arlington VA Installs Aluminum Fence

As the premier fencing company in Arlington, Lotsa Fence Options Inc (LFO) are dedicated to helping our neighbors improve their properties with fencing that meets their budget and their needs. We were recently contacted by a homeowner in Arlington, VA who was having a border dispute with their neighbor and needed a fence to properly mark their property lines.

One of our experienced fence contractors got out to the residential property quickly to perform a thorough site inspection. We then consulted with the homeowner to find their budget and aesthetic for their new fence. Aluminum fencing is a very durable option that offers the same look as wrought iron for a fraction of the cost. The modular nature of most metal fencing also allows for moveable sections, which is what they needed in this particular case.

After performing our customer-focused preparations, we determined that the best thing to do was to install a section of fence with a latch system that would allow it to be moved back to the property line if necessary. We installed a beautiful new aluminum fence around their property and added that special section to honor the property line. The homeowner was very pleased with that elegant solution.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is dedicated to full client satisfaction with every job. With our experience in Virginia, we’re Arlington’s most trusted fencing company, and every completed job builds on that reputation. If you’re considering fencing for your Arlington, VA area property, contact us right away for a consultation.

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