Custom Vinyl Fence Installation Adds Value to Woodbridge, VA Property

Custom Vinyl Fence Installation Adds Value to Woodbridge, VA Property

Residential property owners in Woodbridge, VA, were searching for a fencing solution that enclosed their yard, kept their pets safe, allowed for airflow, all with an aesthetically appealing house design. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. answered the call with a flat-top picket fence tailored to the property’s design. This custom vinyl fence project added security, elegance, and value to their home.

Enhancing Elegance and Security: Custom Vinyl Fence Installation in Woodbridge, VA

The homeowners had a long list of fencing needs: security for their pets and a timeless charm, but also minimal maintenance. The LFO solution involved custom design and professional installation of a bespoke one-off design crafted precisely to the homeowners’ specifications. Our systematic approach to picket fence installation ensures a durable and elegant enclosure. We start with a comprehensive property assessment and precise measurements. Installers dug post holes with consistent spacing. Posts, the foundation of the whole structure, are secured in the holes. Vinyl panels were used to customized to the homeowner’s specifications.  A matching vinyl gate was installed with hinges, latches, and appropriate hardware for smooth operation and security.

These Woodbridge homeowners chose a design that strikes an ideal balance between privacy and visibility. A flat-top picket fence features uniformly spaced vertical pickets with a distinct, straight-edged, horizontal top, delivering a classic yet refined appearance. This timeless design, available in various wood, metal, or vinyl materials, perfectly accentuates a garden or yard while seamlessly blending with different architectural styles.

custom vinyl fence Woodbridge VA

While this design can be made from materials like metal or wood, vinyl picket fences are particularly low maintenance. This Woodbridge custom vinyl fence brought all these advantages to the property: securing it, protecting family and pets, and adding to its look.

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers the widest range of custom fencing solutions for Virginia residents seeking a fencing solution that combines elegance, security, and low-maintenance needs.

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