Custom Picket Fence in Arlington VA

Custom Picket Fence in Arlington VA

There are few fence types as popular and easily recognizable as a picket fence. These types of fences instantly give any property a quaint historic look, and they’re especially fitting in historic Arlington Virginia neighborhoods. An Arlington homeowner recently contacted the area’s most reputable fence company, Lotsa Fence Options, for a custom picket fence to protect and improve their property values.

Many different materials are suitable for picket fences. Vinyl fences are a popular modern option that looks like wood while giving the benefits of nonorganic materials like mold resistance and colorfastness. Wood fence parts are a very economical option for a traditional picket fence, and the fence design options are endless because wood is so versatile.

The LFO fence experts discussed these options with the Arlington VA property owners and listened to their concerns, which were to prevent pedestrians and pets from entering their yards while also preserving the look of the home. Our new customer thought the Lotsa Fence Option crew “was easy to work with and very knowledgeable” about fencing. After our discussion, they choose a custom picket fence made from wood with a couple of custom gates to allow access.

With decades of experience with custom fence design and wood fence installation, we were able to complete their new picket fence quickly and efficiently, getting the project done in a day! The Arlington VA homeowners loved their new fence!

If you’re thinking about a new custom fence in Arlington VA, Lotsa Fence Options is the company to call!

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