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Semi Private Fence – The Perfect Solution

Job Location: Woodbridge, VA, 22193
Project Details: 6’ high semi-private vinyl fence

We understand that every home, and every homeowner, has unique needs. This particular customer came to us with medical requirements due to a phobia of enclosed spaces. While the neighborhood’s HOA had strict regulations allowing only completely private fence panels, we saw an opportunity rather than a restriction.

Our Solution: Leveraging our expertise and rapport within the industry, we gained approval for a special “semi-private” design, built precisely to LFO’s specifications. The design ensured the customer felt comfortable without compromising on the privacy standards set by the HOA. Even more impressive, from the inception to the installation, the entire process took just three short weeks. And installation? Completed within a single day!

The Outcome: A fence that not only met HOA guidelines but also catered to our client’s specific medical needs.

At Lotsa Fence Options, we pride ourselves on being more than just fence builders. We’re solution providers, always ready to cater to your unique needs.


Vinyl Privacy Fence with New England Caps Near Woodbridge VA

Recently, a homeowner with a property in Dale City, Virginia wanted to secure their backyard for their dog, but they weren’t sure who to call. After talking to their neighbor, they were referred to Lotsa Fence Options Inc, the most trusted outdoor construction contractor in Virginia. After discussing their needs and preferences with LFO, the homeowner decided to go with a 6-foot high vinyl privacy fence with New England caps on the posts.

Vinyl is a durable, low-maintenance, and versatile fencing material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, resist rotting and fading, and offer a wide range of design options, making it an excellent choice. New England post caps are decorative accents placed on top of posts to give the fence a more polished and refined look. Decorative posts are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their fencing.

Once the homeowner and the LFO fencing expert agreed on the design, the construction process began. This involved digging holes for the posts, setting the posts in concrete, and attaching the vinyl fencing panels to the posts. Since the homeowner wanted a privacy fence, the panels have interlocking boards attached to each other with tongue-and-groove joints. This creates a seamless barrier to pets, nosy individuals, wild animals, and burglars.

After the installation was complete, the LFO crew removed our debris and cleaned up the residential property to make sure it looked better than how they found it. The Dale City, VA homeowner was very happy with the result! They said that their new privacy fence was beautiful and that the work was top-notch, suggesting that the installation process was professional and efficient.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your property with a beautiful new outdoor space! Contact LFO today to schedule your consultation and get started on your wood privacy fence installation project.

New Cedar Privacy Fence near Arlington VA

In communities like Reston VA, Lotsa Fence Options is the company to call if you’re looking to renovate your outdoor space. Homeowners and business owners trust the LFO crew to protect their properties with the latest fencing designs and well-constructed outdoor spaces. We’ve installed patios, fencing, retaining walls, stairs, and more for property owners all over Virginia, but recently we were happy to help Reston VA homeowners improve their property with a new cedar privacy fence.

Privacy fences are a great option for property owners who want to not only block physical access to their property but also block the line of sight for neighbors and strangers on the street. Our new Reston VA fencing clients wanted to create an outdoor space for their new puppy and enclose their deck and garden. After a consultation with a Lotsa Fence Options customer service representative, they determined a wood privacy fence was best. When choosing a material for a privacy fence, cedar is a great choice because it is naturally weather resistant and an insect repellent.

Once we completed the consultation and signed the contract, the LFO fence crew got out to the property within a week to start the cedar privacy fence installation process. Despite creating a custom gate and installing the entire cedar fence, we were able to finish the project in just one day! The customer was pleased with their new fence as well as the professionalism and care of the LFO crew. If you’re considering a new fence in Reston VA, Lotsa Fence Options is your local fence company! Contact us today!

Wyngate Style Fence and Wood Privacy Gate with Arch Top in Lorton VA

At LFO, we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of fencing workmanship and service for our local customers. To make this happen, we maintain an internet presence that showcases the work we’ve done all over Virginia, including Lorton. Lotsa Fence Options became the top outdoor construction company in the area because of this dedication, just as a Lorton VA homeowner discovered. They had an old, rotten wood fence that needed replacing, and found LFO after an internet search.

After a consultation with the homeowner, they decided on a wooden privacy fence and gate with an arch top. They also chose a Wyngate style fence, also called a shadow-box fence. This style of fence is made up of vertical boards placed on either side of horizontal fence rails. As each board is placed, it covers the gap between the boards on the other side, and the end result is a wood privacy fence that completely blocks the view of neighbors and protects against intruders while also allowing airflow. There are lots of beautiful toppers for this kind of fence as well.

The homeowner absolutely loved her new fence, as it looks attractive while also fully protecting her yard. She was especially impressed with the workmanship and speed of the LFO crew, who had installed her wood privacy fence and gate in two hours! According to this Lorton VA customer, we’re masters of our craft.

If you want to improve your Virginia residential property with a privacy fence, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

Top Fence Contractor in Lorton Replaces Wood Gate

A homeowner in Lorton VA needed a new wood gate, but they were worried about how much it would cost and how long it would take. This local homeowner had a lovely existing wood picket fence on their property, but their gate had been badly damaged and needed replacement with durable materials that matched their fence. When they searched online for the “most reputable fencing company in Lorton VA,” Lotsa Fence Options came right up.

LFO, or Lotsa Fence Options Inc, has been installing and repairing a wide variety of fencing types all over Virginia for decades, so we have the expertise to match existing fencing and the experience to make their fences last. We were happy to inspect their residential property and consult with them on the best new gate for their needs.

After our consultation, the Lorton VA homeowner chose a solid wooden gate with a simple convex design called an arch top that features a rounded top cut into the wooden rails. The gate was installed with quality steel hinges, latch, handle, and post caps. This design is cost-effective, as wooden fencing is one of the most economical fence options. Steel fittings also ensure that the gate will last for years.

Impressed with the quality customer service of the LFO fencing consultants, the Lorton VA homeowners signed the contract. They were extremely happy when we hopped on their wood gate project and got their gate replaced in only an hour!

If you’re looking for this level of fencing services, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

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