Best Fencing Contractor in Mt Vernon VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc prides itself on being the top patio and fence contractor in Mount Vernon, VA and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience satisfying customers’ needs better than any other fencing contractor around, we ensure our customers are satisfied not only by offering the highest quality of custom fencing, patios and decks known to the area but also excellent communication so our clients know what to expect from their first point of contact with us to the completion of their job.

Fencing, Patio and Deck Services Offered in Mount Vernon, VA

  • Fence Installation

  • Chain Link Fences

  • Custom Wood Fences

  • Fence Design

  • Fence Installation

  • Vinyl Fences

  • Custom Patios

Why Choose Lotsa Fence?

  • We have plenty of experience and have been meeting our customers’ fencing, patio and decking needs for nearly a decade.
  • We offer a quality of service that no other fence company will come close to.
  • Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality.
  • Our custom decks, patios and fencing are designed to meet the unique needs and desires of each client.
  • No other fencing company ensures that the owner is physically present at each job site.

Things to Do in Mount Vernon, Virginia

Mount Vernon is located in Fairfax County, Virginia. The city is filled with historical significance and offers plenty to do, including honoring the founding President of our great nation.

Visit the final resting place of George and Martha Washington in Mount Vernon, as well as 28 other family members. Participate in a daily ceremony at the Washingtons’ Tomb where visitors can lay wreaths to show their respect.

Commemorate the enslaved people who worked at and lived at Mount Vernon. This particular memorial is found on sacred ground that was used as a cemetery by the free black community as well as the enslaved.

See the mansion at Mount Vernon. Grab a general admission ticket, which enables visitors to explore the property for the whole day. You can also take a tour that lasts from 20 to 45 minutes.

Custom Wood Privacy Fence in Mount Vernon VA for New Pet

Homeowners all over Virginia want to make their properties beautiful and secure, and the best way to do that is with a new fence. It can be tough to know which outdoor construction company is going to help homeowners get the best looking and longest lasting fence. Many fly by night construction companies may say they have experience with installing fences, but they don’t have the reputation and integrity of Lotsa Fence Options, Mount Vernon VA’s trusted fencing company.

These property owners had just bought their house in Mount Vernon VA, and they needed to fence in the yard for the dogs. Since these homeowners were planners, they knew they wanted to have the fence installed as soon as they moved in so their furry family members were safe from day one. The efficient fence installation crew at LFO was happy to help them out, and we knew we could get their custom wood privacy fence installed in no time.

They chose wood for their privacy fence not only because it looks beautiful and is versatile for many fence designs, but also because wood is a cost effective fencing material, keeping their total home buying costs low. The experienced Lotsa Fence Options crew installed their new wood fence the day after closing on the home, and yes we got it installed in just one day!

The property owners love their new home and their new privacy fence. They were impressed by the quality of our fencing work, especially with how fast we got it done. If you want to improve your home, if it’s new or old, contact Lotsa Fence Options today!

New Privacy Fence in Mt. Vernon VA

Our experienced fencing contractors at Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. designed and installed a new wood fence for a young family in Mount Vernon, VA.

The couple was new homeowners. They recently purchased the home and were slowly making renovations to make it better suit their family’s unique needs. They have small children and a dog and wanted to be able to allow them to go play freely in the back yard without worry, so they wanted to have a fence installed.

Because they were new to the area, they didn’t know many people and relied on Google and social media for reviews in the process of finding a reputable fencing contractor in Mt. Vernon. They found our site and loved what they saw – especially our dedication to personalized service for all of our clients. They called us and asked us to come by to go over options with them.

We met with them on a Thursday afternoon. They knew they wanted a privacy fence but weren’t completely sold on which material. After talking about options, they decided on a wood fence for both its durability and affordability.

We scheduled to begin the installation the next Wednesday as we already had a job in the area. The job went seamlessly and we were able to complete it in one day.

The homeowners love their new fence! They said working with Lotsa Fence was a very pleasant experience for them.

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