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Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. has been a top fence contractor serving Manassas, Virginia for many years. As a premier fence company serving Manassas and its residents, we have led the industry in customer service and professionalism. We have set the industry standard for custom fences. If you are looking for a new custom fence, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is your one stop shop. Whether you are looking for an iron fence, wood fence, or other type of fence, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today!

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Manassas, Virginia

Manassas, previously known as Manassas Junction, is a city that is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As an independent city, Manassas does not lay within the territory of any county or counties in the United States of America. However, Manassas borders Prince William County, Virginia as well as the another independent city, Manassas Park, Virginia. In regard to statistical purposes, both Manassas and Manassas park are included in Prince William County. The independent city of Manassas is considered to be apart of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandira Metropolitan area.

The First Battle of Manassas occurred in July 1861. It was also known as the First Battle of Bull Run, and was the first major land battle that occurred during the American Civil War. It was fought near Manassas, and was commemorated on the 150th anniversary during the days of July 21, 2011 thru July 24, 2011.

The independent city of Manassas has a number of locations that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the most popular locations include the Manassas Historic District, Cannon Branch Fort, the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth and Liberia, a plantation house,

Manassas is a very exciting and interesting location for residents and visitors of the DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan area. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is very proud to be a top fence company serving Virginia. Contact us today to get started on your new custom fence.

Learn About a Recent Fence Job in Manassas!

Commercial Aluminum Fence Installation in Manassas, VA

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., we’re committed to securing public spaces in Virginia with top-notch fencing solutions, and one cost-effective way of doing that is with commercial aluminum fence installation. We recently undertook a project at an apartment complex in Manassas, VA, that exemplifies our expertise in fencing installation and the benefits of this kind of fence.

Enhancing Security: Commercial Aluminium Fence Installation

In Manassas, VA, our team addressed a significant concern for a local apartment complex: an open, unsecured park and playground area. The absence of a proper enclosure posed risks, allowing wildlife and unauthorized individuals to freely access the premises, creating hazards for the complex’s young residents.

To tackle this issue head-on, our experts swiftly installed a robust, tall, black aluminum fence with a secure gate. The fencing design, resembling wrought iron, not only enhances the property’s appearance but also serves as an effective deterrent to unauthorized entry. The security gate, equipped with wiring for added safety measures, was seamlessly integrated into this new fencing system. The advanced planning and quality execution by our seasoned contractors ensured the swift completion of this project. We fortified the complex through precise installation steps and attention to detail, providing its occupants with a safe and secure environment.

The property manager made a great choice. Aluminum fencing offers a blend of durability and elegance, providing a long-lasting solution for property security. The resilient nature of this material ensures minimal maintenance while exuding a sophisticated appearance that enhances the overall curb appeal of any space.

Virginia’s commercial property owners gain peace of mind with an aluminum fence, knowing their premises are safeguarded against threats, whether trespassers or wildlife. Our tailored fencing solutions ensure not only security but also elevate the overall aesthetics of the property.

Looking to safeguard your property with a robust and visually appealing fence? Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today! Take the proactive step towards securing your premises with our reliable fence installation services in Manassas, VA.

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New Wood Semi Privacy Fence in Manassas VA

For new fences in and around Manassas VA, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc is the trusted company to call. We have literal decades sourcing fencing materials, installing all types of fences, and even repairing damaged fencing all around Virginia, making LFO the trusted fencing company for both homeowners and business owners.

Recently, a family moved into a new home in Manassas VA that was part of a homeowners association. The new homeowners needed a fence to protect their dogs and kids, and they needed it quick since they’d just moved in! After asking around the neighborhood for the best fencing company in the area, they of course found Lotsa Fence Options Inc.

A wood semi privacy fence was the fencing option they picked after a thorough site inspection and consultation. This kind of fencing is very good for protecting a yard from intruders but also keeping pets and children on the property. Privacy fencing looks good as well as blocking the sight of nosy neighbors. Locking gates complete the security of a wood privacy fence.

The Manassas VA homeowners were worried about the HOA approving their new semi privacy fence, but they did, and the LFO fence installation team got to work literally immediately. They finished the wood privacy fence in a single day. Booth the homeowners and the HOA was so pleased with the fence, they’re are changing the bylaws to make it their primary fence for the neighborhood! Now that’s the LFO difference!

If you’re considering a new fence in or around Manassas VA, contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc to discuss your fencing needs.

Fence Company in Manassas VA Installs New Wood Privacy Fence

Residential property owners in Virginia communities like Manassas have an experienced fencing and outdoor construction company on their side when it’s time to upgrade their home exterior. The LFO team has fenced in commercial properties, residential properties, and helped people all over Virginia protect their assets while also increasing their curb appeal. With our close relationships with fencing manufacturers, we can offer all our clients a wide variety of materials to choose from so we can meet their needs.

Homeowners in Manassas VA recently contacted the LFO team about protecting the yard of their new residential property. They’d just moved into a home with a homeowners association, and they desperately needed to protect their kids and dogs. They also needed their new wood fence installed as soon as possible. Lotsa Fence Options Inc prides ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs, so we got to work as quickly as we could after the HOA approved the fence design.

Working within HOA restrictions is easy for our experienced fence designers, and the LFO fence installation crew is also very aware of neighbors when building our fences. We got the fence installed very quickly while also keeping noise and mess to a minimum. All the neighbors loved our client’s new privacy fence, and the HOA was so pleased that they changed their bylaws to make this fence design their main fence for the whole neighborhood!

Lotsa Fence Options Inc, Manassas VA’s trusted fencing company, is proud to serve the communities we do, so we’ll always work with homeowners associations and municipalities to make sure our fences are within code. With a new fence from LFO, you never have to worry. Contact us today for a property inspection and consultation about a new fence.

Privacy Fence for Manassas Family

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. our entire team is dedicated to being a top fence company serving Manassas, Virginia. As the Virginia fence experts, we make it our priority to deliver the top of the line customer service, professionalism, and craftsmanship in every job that we complete.

We recently received a call from a family that had just moved to the area. They were looking for a privacy fence in Manassas, Virginia. They explained to us that they had recently purchased a house with a sizable backyard. While they loved everything about their new home, they wanted to remove the see through iron fence that lined their backyard. They were looking for a custom privacy fence for their family to enjoy. We ensured them that they had contacted the right company. We scheduled to visit their home the following week to examine the current fence.

After our first visit, our design team was able to deliver an excellent first draft of the client’s new custom fence. They were very excited at the new fence design, and its ability to create a private perimeter for their kids. 

Our team worked hand in hand with the client’s in order to perfect their new custom fence. By the time we had completed the design, our team was ready to begin manufacturing of the fence. The manufacturing process went smoothly, and we were able to start installing the new fence within a few weeks of the initial contact.

By the time we had completed the fence project in Manassas, their house had a completely new feel to it. The fence had effectively revitalized the look and feel of their outdoor area. The family was very pleased with their new privacy fence. They thanked us for successfully building their new fence within their budget, and on an efficient schedule. The family knew they had contacted a top fence contractor in Virginia.

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