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Fence Contractor – Alexandria, VA – Lotsa Fence Options, Inc.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we have been providing Alexandria, Virginia with custom fences for many years. As a fence contractor in Alexandria, our team focuses on customer service, craftsmanship, and creativity. With fence types ranging from iron fences to privacy fences, our team will be able to meet your fence needs. If you are interested in a customer fence, deck, or patio, give us a call today!

Some of our most popular fences include:

Vinyl Fence
Chain Link Fence
Wood Fence
And more!

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What to do in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has an estimated population of about 156,000 people. Alexandria is approximately seven miles south of Washington D.C. It is located along the western side of the Potomac River. Much of Alexandria has been influenced by how close it is to the nation’s capital. A large portion of the residents of Alexandria works for the federal government, U.S. military, or any of the number of private contractors that provide services for the United States Government.

The city of Alexandria has a number of large employers located within the city. The first being the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States Department of Commerce, and the Alexandria City Public Schools. It is also home to the Institute for Defense Analyses, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the headquarters for the National Science Foundation.

The city also contains a rich history of art and culture, which is displayed by a number of events and landmarks located throughout the city. One of the most popular events is the Scottish Christmas Walk. Established in 1969, Scottish Christmas Walk consists of a large parade that travels through Old Town and celebrates the large influence of Scottish heritage in the area.

There are a number of interesting landmarks also located in Alexandria. Some of the most popular landmarks to visit are the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and Observation Deck, the John Carlyle House, the Alexandria City Hall, the Little Theatre of Alexandria and many more.

If you are looking for an exciting and interesting vacation full of historical relevance and fun, this city has it all.

Read About a Recent Custom Fence Project in Alexandria!

Fence Contractor in Alexandria VA Installs Wood Privacy Fence

In Virginia communities like Rose Hill and Alexandria, the trusted fencing company is Lotsa Fence Options Inc. We have decades of experience with outdoor construction and fencing in Virginia, helping local homeowners keep their families safe and business owners protect their assets with privacy fencing. We recently got to help a homeowner in the Alexandria VA area fence their residential property with a beautiful wood privacy fence that will last for years.

Wooden privacy fences are a great way to fully protect your property. They provide a physical barrier for wild animals who may roam through the neighborhood as well as keep your pets within your yard. The privacy aspect can’t be understated, as it’s vital for homeowners to feel secure on their property, and a physical barrier between your home and the world really reduces crime rates. A wooden stockade fence of this type is budget friendly because wood is a cost-effective fencing material, and the LFO crew is also experienced enough to install it in record time, saving on fence installation labor costs.

After a consultation with the homeowners to design the perfect fence for their property, the LFO fencing crew were able to get it installed very quickly! We got their wooden privacy fence installed in one day! The homeowners thought it was a beautiful design that perfectly followed the contours of their property and matched the look of their home. The neighbors even loved it too!

If you want to protect your home and increase your curb appeal like these Alexandria VA are homeowners, contact Lotsa Fence Options Inc today!

Fence Company in Alexandria Installs Beautiful Wooden Shadow Box Fence

Lotsa Fence Options Inc, or LFO, has been installing all types of fencing in and around Alexandria VA for decades, so we can help local property owners find just the right fencing to protect their assets. We’ve installed fences around residential properties in urban areas and beautiful rural neighborhoods, as well as around commercial properties to protect the public. Our close relationships with reputable fencing suppliers also mean we can find just the right kind of fencing for our clients’ needs, and our experience means we can install even complicated fencing designs with ease.

Recently a property owner in Alexandria VA wanted a beautiful and functional privacy fence to protect their back patio, and LFO was proud to step up, installing a complicated shadow box fence within half a day. They chose wood for their fencing type, which is a classic choice that can last forever and matches any kind of home decor while also being economical. The shadow box fence design, which involves offset fence slats, allows for air flow while also completely blocking the line of sight for the utmost privacy and security.

The experienced LFO fencing crew installed the shadow box fence with wooden slats attached on both sides of the horizontal rails in an offset pattern to allow airflow through the fence. We also used metal caps on the fence posts, as well as metal hinges and clasp on the gate. The customer particularly loved the design of this gate, and they were impressed that we could install the fence within half a day.

Aluminum Barrier Fence Installed by Alexandria VA’s Best Fencing Company

Lotsa Fence Options Inc is the trusted Alexandria VA fence company because we have the expertise to design the perfect fence for our clients and the relationships with suppliers to provide the best fencing materials in the business. We recently got to bring this expertise to bear on a fencing project for an urban residential property.

The Alexandria VA homeowner lived on a busy street, and their yard was right next to the sidewalk. While on walks, their neighbors’ dogs kept using their front yard as a bathroom, causing landscaping damage and unpleasant smells. They needed a sturdy fence that also fit the exterior design of their urban home. After a consultation with one of LFO’s fencing experts, they chose a aluminum barrier fence  with a dark finish that had the look of wrought iron at a fraction of the price.

One of the best things about aluminum fencing is its ability to be manufactured in a variety of designs to match any exterior aesthetic. We were able to quickly install two foot high fencing panels and create a barrier for the neighborhood pets that also looked beautiful in the space, complimenting not only the home but the landscaping.

If your home or business in Alexandria VA and surrounding areas needs protection from neighbors, wildlife, or unwanted visitors, you need a new fence. As the area’s leading fencing company, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is happy to help our neighbors secure their properties, whether commercial or residential. We’ve developed close relationships with fencing manufacturers, so we can offer our clients a wide variety of fencing styles and materials.

Fencing Contractor in Alexandria VA Installs Driveway Gate

As Alexandria VA’s premier fence company, Lotsa Fence Options Inc is always happy to help local homeowners solve their fencing issues. With years of experience in Virginia, we have the expertise to help locals with any type of fencing installation or hardscaping on their properties. While we’ve installed tons of fencing on Alexandria area properties, we’re also happy to help our local clients with other jobs as well.

The Alexandria VA homeowner found us on the web and asked if we could install a gate on their driveway, even though they already had a wooden privacy fence that they were happy with. Our LFO fencing consultant was happy to help, and we got an inspector out to their property immediately. After a thorough inspection, the LFO fence expert concluded that we could definitely create a gate that matched their existing fence.

Our experienced fencing contractors got to work right away. First they installed sturdy wooden posts with decorative metal caps to securely hold the gate. Next they matched the existing wooden fence design in constructing the eight foot wide gate. Finally, they installed the gate with sturdy steel hinges and a latch that will stand the test of time. The homeowners loved their new wooden drive gate and were pleased that it matched the existing fence perfectly.

At Lotsa Fence Options Inc, we pride ourselves on our customer focus and personalized approach to every job. We want to make sure every customer in Virginia is completely satisfied with their new fence, drive gate, or whatever construction they need. If you need a new fence or gate on your Alexandria VA area property, contact us right away.

Fence Contractor in Alexandria installs new fence around pool area

Over the years, Lotsa Fence Options has proven themselves to be the most reputable fencing company in the greater Alexandria, VA area, serving nearby communities like Huntington, Braddock, and Fair Haven. Because of our local expertise and relationships with suppliers and designers, we offer a wide variety of fencing types and styles, including vinyl fencing, privacy fences, chain link, and much more.

Recently a homeowner in the Alexandria, VA area contacted us because they needed a new fence to protect the in-ground swimming pool on their property. We were so pleased they found us on the internet, and we quickly sent one of our fence experts to consult with them about their fencing needs and their homeowner’s association’s restrictions.

A pool fence is vital to protecting any small children who may live in your home or visit your property. Unguarded swimming pools are a leading cause of drowning in young children, and having a sturdy fence, no matter the style or material, is a very important safety feature.

Our team got to work quickly, despite cutting fence pieces on site to fit perfectly. Within one day, they had installed a tall wooden privacy fence around the swimming pool that looked beautiful, protected the pool, and made the HOA happy too!

If you have a property with a pool in the Alexandra VA area, you absolutely need a fence. With a new, secure fence around your pool, you can protect your family and your investment at the same time.

New Wood Fence in Alexandria, VA

We recently completed a custom wooden privacy fence project for a couple in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

They were concerned because their old fence was dilapidated and they were worried it was becoming a hazard. They had done patchwork on the fence for years but recently reached the decision to have it taken care of professionally once and for all.

They reached out to us hoping we could fix their problem for good. We asked how they heard about us and they said they found us after doing a google search. They then gave us a call.

We then talked about how wood fences are a fantastic option for a home when it comes to durability and affordability – plus they can add significant value to your home at a low cost. We told them that if they pursued regular wood fence maintenance and cared for it properly, a professionally installed wood fence can last many years!

We did the job the next week and wrapped it up quickly, removing the old fencing before building the new. The new fence is beautiful and added a great amount of curb appeal to their home. They no longer have to worry about safety issues or any pets or young loved ones running free from the containment of their yard.

The couple was thrilled with their new fence, later reaching out to us to tell us how much they love it while sharing some photos.

Thank you for trusting in Lotsa Fence!

New Custom Wood Fence

We received a contact form recently from a client looking for a new wood fence in Alexandria. She explained to us that their current backyard fence was old and unattractive. The homeowner was looking for a custom wood fence to replace the current one. We let her know that she had contacted the right company. As a top fence contractor in Alexandria, we take pride in our high rate of customer satisfaction, excellent craftsmanship, and creativity. After speaking to her we were able to get a solid idea of what she was looking for in a fence. We agreed to visit the property the following week to further determine the specs of the project.

When we arrived at the residence, we noticed that the yard was quite large and had lots of grass. We looked at the current fence and realized how much of an improvement one of our new wood fences would be.  Wood fences provide durability and adaptability in most cases. It is also one of the most affordable types of fence and can last for years.  At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc we take pride in creating custom fencing for our clients.

Our team got to work designing the new fence for our client. We were able to develop a unique fence for the homeowner, which she truly enjoyed.  We were very excited with the outcome of the fence and presented it to our client a few weeks later.  The homeowner really liked the style and look of the custom wood fence.  All we needed to do was install the fence, and our job was done. We were happy to have another satisfied customer.

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. we take pride in delivering custom fences to all of our clients. If you are interested in learning more about our services or are looking for a custom fence, give us a call today!

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