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Our craftsmen at Lotsa Fence are professionally trained to know exactly what it takes to deliver a well-made and beautiful patio to your home in the Aldie area. We also offer custom made decks and fences to clients in this region. As the top fence contractor in Aldie, we have established ourselves as the most trusted source for custom fence services and have built a base of satisfied customers over the years.

Fence Services Offered

  • Picket Fences

  • Chain Link Fences

  • Privacy Fences

  • Deck Building

  • Vinyl Fences

  • Wood Fences

  • Patio Installation

Why Choose Us

· We pride ourselves in offering personalized service to our clients in the Aldie area.
· The owner is present at every job site to ensure that each customer is satisfied with our services.
· We have been serving customers for over a decade.
· We offer quality and unmatched craftsmanship on all of our decks, patios and fences.

Things to Do in Aldie

Regardless of whether you are a local or are just visiting Aldie for a few days, there is something fun and new for everyone to do. Below are some things to do in Aldie, VA – some of which are more well-known while other are more off the beaten path.
Go to Pev’s Paintball Park for a time of thrill and action. This park spans across 48 hectares and has 14 playing fields, a building, a fortress and loads of props. This is a fun activity space for all paintball players, from newbies to novices.
Aldie Mill is a famous mill that was built in 1804. It used to grind grains with the waters of Little River. It has been well-preserved and the machines still function for the purpose of demonstration. During the Aldie Mill Art Show & Sale, visitors can see the mill in action, grinding actual grains!
If you are hungry, Village Center Plaza is the place to be. Here you can enjoy eats from sandwich shops, Italian restaurants and pizza parlors.
If you love history, head to Mt. Zion Old School Baptist Church. The building used to be used as a prison, a barracks and a hospital during the Civil War. It is located at the corner of Old Carolina Road and Little River Turnpike. You can even catch a reenactment or tour here.
Another fun event that takes place in Aldie is the Aldie Harvest Festival, which takes place on the third Saturday in October, bringing people from all over. The festival is famous for its Aldie Duck Race, which is an annual tradition of releasing thousands of cute rubber ducks into the river. Visitors can also enjoy arts and crafts and local food vendors.

Custom Aluminum Fence Protects and Elevates Aldie, VA Residential Property

Homeowners in Aldie, VA needed a fencing solution that provided security and complemented their residential property’s exterior. Lotsa Fence Options, Inc., Virginia’s trusted fencing contractor, stepped in to provide a custom aluminum fence that exudes elegance while meeting the homeowners’ specific preferences.

Enhancing Charm and Security in Aldie, VA: Custom Aluminum Fence Installation

Opting for a sturdy yet visually appealing metal picket fence design, complete with a flat top and decorative rail, the clients got the sophisticated look of expensive wrought iron fencing while benefiting from the durability and low maintenance of aluminum.

Our skilled contractors began a meticulous installation process by preparing post holes at the appropriate depth to stabilize the structure. Corner, line, end, and gate posts were then strategically placed. These posts were firmly secured into the ground using concrete or gravel, ensuring stability and longevity.

Next, aluminum panels were expertly fastened to the rails using specialized brackets or screws, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A critical check for levelness was conducted with every post and panel to ensure precision and uniformity in the finished structure.

Finally, horizontal rails were installed between the posts, maintaining even spacing and levelness, contributing to the fence’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Significantly, leaving a 2–3 inch gap between the fence and the ground not only facilitated proper gate functionality but also enabled easy maintenance of the grass underneath.

black metal fencing Aldie

The swift completion of this custom fence installation made the Aldie, VA homeowners very happy. They expressed satisfaction with the efficient turnaround time and the high-quality end product. Metal picket fences offer numerous benefits for residential properties. They combine durability and elegance, providing security without compromising visual appeal. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements make them a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for homeowners.

For Aldie, VA, residents wanting to elevate their property’s charm and security with customized fencing solutions, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. offers tailored aluminum fencing that blends beauty and resilience.

Contact LFO today for custom aluminum fences and more!

Beautiful Custom Aluminum Gate Installation in Aldie, VA

In Aldie, VA, a homeowner wanted a robust replacement for a poorly constructed heavy wood gate. By searching for the best fence company in Virginia, they discovered Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. (LFO) online. Working closely with the homeowners, we created a cost-effective solution tailored to fortify the property: aluminum gate installation.

Elevating Security: Aluminum Gate Installation Shields Aldie, VA Residence

During the consultation, the homeowners expressed the need for two access points in their fence: a double gate for vehicles and a smaller one for pedestrians. We were happy to get to work! Our service began with the removal of the old and faulty wooden gate. Precise measurements were taken to determine the optimal placement for the new structures, which were then carefully installed. Our skilled contractors are well-versed in aluminum gate installation and were able to make sure they swung easily and would last for years.

The advantages of aluminum gates go beyond their sleek appearance. Renowned for their durability and resistance to corrosion, these gates offer lasting protection while demanding minimal maintenance. Furthermore, their lightweight nature does not compromise their robustness, ensuring security and convenience. Security gates play a pivotal role in safeguarding residential properties. Beyond adding an extra layer of protection, they act as a deterrent to potential intruders, enhancing the overall security measures.

For residents in Aldie, VA, who want security without compromising on appearance, Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. presents tailored fence and gate solutions designed to elevate both security and visual appeal. Secure your residence with precision-crafted aluminum gates that marry security with sophistication.

Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today to fortify your property!

Four board oak paddock pool fence with pool code wire

Pool fence in Aldie, VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc had the honor of installing a pool fence for a nice couple in Aldie, VA.

The couple recently had a beautiful pool installed. They also have a golden retriever who enjoys swimming, much like just about any other golden out there. Because they knew how eager their dog was to jump in the water, they wanted to have a fence installed – and they wanted to be sure it was up to pool code to ensure that any other little feet were kept out when nobody was available to supervise them.

The client asked the pool company, which was Premier Pools, who they should talk to about having a pool fence installation performed by and they sent them to us.

They contacted us right away and we were able to come out the next day for a quote. We sat down to discuss options and they landed on a four board oak paddock with pool code wire.

We came back the next day to install the fence and knocked it out in one day.

The customer was extremely happy about how nicely the fence turned out and the fact they could let their dog out!

Thanks for choosing us to install your fence and thank you Premier Pools for the referral!

Recent Fence projects in Aldie

This section will provide descriptions of our latest projects in Aldie. These will include chain link fence, wood fence, and privacy fence projects. 

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