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Four board oak paddock pool fence with pool code wire

Pool fence in Aldie, VA

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc had the honor of installing a pool fence for a nice couple in Aldie, VA.

The couple recently had a beautiful pool installed. They also have a golden retriever who enjoys swimming, much like just about any other golden out there. Because they knew how eager their dog was to jump in the water, they wanted to have a fence installed – and they wanted to be sure it was up to pool code to ensure that any other little feet were kept out when nobody was available to supervise them.

The client asked the pool company, which was Premier Pools, who they should talk to about having a pool fence installation performed by and they sent them to us.

They contacted us right away and we were able to come out the next day for a quote. We sat down to discuss options and they landed on a four board oak paddock with pool code wire.

We came back the next day to install the fence and knocked it out in one day.

The customer was extremely happy about how nicely the fence turned out and the fact they could let their dog out!

Thanks for choosing us to install your fence and thank you Premier Pools for the referral!

New privacy fence installation in McLean, VA.

New Privacy Fence in McLean VA

We were recently tasked with the job of a privacy fence installation in McLean, VA.

The customer, who lived on a corner lot, had recently realized that strangers had been cutting through his yard to shorten their path. It was causing his grass to fade, giving him extra work and costing him time and money.

He decided to do a quick google search to find a local fence installation company in the McLean area and saw our website. He was impressed with our reviews and the fact that we offer custom fencing so he gave us a call.

We came out later that day as we were already in the area to assess his property and discuss options. He liked what we had to offer and decided on an aluminum privacy fence in a bronze shade. We scheduled to come out the following Tuesday to put his fence in and eliminate unwanted footsteps in his yard.

We arrived early on Tuesday to install his new fence. We were able to install the custom privacy fence quickly and the customer was happy.

He told us he was impressed with how quickly the job was done and that our communication was amazing from start to finish regarding the job.

Thank you for hiring Lotsa Fence for your custom privacy fence needs!

Privacy Fence in McLean VA

New aluminum pool fence in Fairfax Station

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. was honored to have the opportunity to put in a new aluminum fence for customers in the Fairfax Station, Virginia area.

The house had recently been sold to new homeowners with young children (ages 2 and 5). The property had a lovely pool but because of the age of their young children, the parents were worried that their kids might come into harm if they didn’t take precautions to secure the pool area for their safety.

The couple did some research for local fence installation companies and found us. They reached out to us by phone on a Friday and shared their concerns. We headed to their property on Monday to see what kind of custom fence options would suit them best.

They decided to have us install the black aluminum 6’ high EFS-15 fence with spear railhead on the gate.

We scheduled to arrive the next day to get started on the job. Our skilled crew worked quickly and efficiently and performed the fence installation without any issues. They were able to wrap up the entire job in less than one day.

The customers reached out to us to tell us how pleased they were with the speed of service and how smooth Lotsa Fence made the entire process go for them during their aluminum fence installation.

Thank you for choosing Lotsa Fence Options, Inc for your fencing needs!

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New Wood Fence in Alexandria, VA

We recently completed a custom wooden privacy fence project for a couple in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

They were concerned because their old fence was dilapidated and they were worried it was becoming a hazard. They had done patchwork on the fence for years but recently reached the decision to have it taken care of professionally once and for all.

They reached out to us hoping we could fix their problem for good. We asked how they heard about us and they said they found us after doing a google search. They then gave us a call.

We then talked about how wood fences are a fantastic option for a home when it comes to durability and affordability – plus they can add significant value to your home at a low cost. We told them that if they pursued regular wood fence maintenance and cared for it properly, a professionally installed wood fence can last many years!

We did the job the next week and wrapped it up quickly, removing the old fencing before building the new. The new fence is beautiful and added a great amount of curb appeal to their home. They no longer have to worry about safety issues or any pets or young loved ones running free from the containment of their yard.

The couple was thrilled with their new fence, later reaching out to us to tell us how much they love it while sharing some photos.

Thank you for trusting in Lotsa Fence!

New Vinyl Fence for Centreville Resident

Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best fence services in Centreville, Virginia. Our team of fence experts and fence professionals has been focused on making our customers our top priority for many years. If you are looking for a new fence in Centreville, make sure to contact us today!

We recently were contacted about building a new fence for a local resident. They were looking for a vinyl fence in Centreville. After receiving a request form on our website, we contacted the customer to learn more about the new fence project. After speaking with the client, we learned that they had recently moved to Centreville. While they loved their new home, they wanted to put a new vinyl fence around the perimeter. They were also interested in a privacy fence to add an extra layer of security and privacy from others. We set a date to visit their property the following Monday.

Upon arriving at the client’s residence we were greeted by the new Centreville residents. We were able to get a great feel for their backyard, the landscape, and the comprehensive fencing plan that they had. Our designer felt very confident about developing a vinyl fence that also functioned as a privacy fence.

Over the next few weeks, we worked alongside the clients in order to develop a perfect fence. As soon as we had perfected the design, we began the manufacturing process of the new vinyl privacy fence.

The custom fence was ready to install only a couple weeks after our first contact with the clients. We were very pleased at the final installed product that we provided to our customer. The new residents were very happy with their new home and new vinyl fence in Centreville. We told them to contact us with any future fence needs.

Privacy Fence for Manassas Family

At Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. our entire team is dedicated to being a top fence company serving Manassas, Virginia. As the Virginia fence experts, we make it our priority to deliver the top of the line customer service, professionalism, and craftsmanship in every job that we complete.

We recently received a call from a family that had just moved to the area. They were looking for a privacy fence in Manassas, Virginia. They explained to us that they had recently purchased a house with a sizable backyard. While they loved everything about their new home, they wanted to remove the see through iron fence that lined their backyard. They were looking for a custom privacy fence for their family to enjoy. We ensured them that they had contacted the right company. We scheduled to visit their home the following week to examine the current fence.

After our first visit, our design team was able to deliver an excellent first draft of the client’s new custom fence. They were very excited at the new fence design, and its ability to create a private perimeter for their kids. 

Our team worked hand in hand with the client’s in order to perfect their new custom fence. By the time we had completed the design, our team was ready to begin manufacturing of the fence. The manufacturing process went smoothly, and we were able to start installing the new fence within a few weeks of the initial contact.

By the time we had completed the fence project in Manassas, their house had a completely new feel to it. The fence had effectively revitalized the look and feel of their outdoor area. The family was very pleased with their new privacy fence. They thanked us for successfully building their new fence within their budget, and on an efficient schedule. The family knew they had contacted a top fence contractor in Virginia.

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