An Installation Project Cedar Privacy Fence Annandale VA

An Installation Project Cedar Privacy Fence Annandale VA

Lotsa Fence Options recently completed a project called, ” Installation Project Cedar Privacy Fence Annandale VA.”   At Lotsa Fence Options we excel in enhancing commercial properties with fencing solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics. In a recent project in Annandale, VA, we installed a Western Red Cedar Board and Batten Privacy Fence, setting a new privacy and value enhancement standard.

Not Just for Residential Properties! Secure Your VA Commercial Spaces with Cedar Privacy Fences

The primary concern for our client was establishing a definitive border for their commercial property while providing much-needed privacy for their residential neighbor. Our solution was a carefully crafted Western red cedar board and batten Privacy Fence. This fence delineated the property’s perimeter and offered a secure and private space, elevating its overall value.

This Annandale, VA, project really highlights the benefits of cedar privacy fences. Red Cedar, known for its durability and natural resistance to decay, ensured a long-lasting solution with minimal maintenance. The height and construction of this type of privacy fence also added value to the project, creating a secluded environment for the property and neighboring residents.

What is a board and batten style fence?
A Board and Batten Fence is a style of fencing constructed by affixing wide vertical boards (the boards) to cover the spaces between narrower vertical strips (the battens). Typically, the boards are overlapped, providing privacy and durability while creating a visually appealing, rustic aesthetic often seen in traditional and modern architectural designs.

Our client’s satisfaction is always the most important thing to us. Impressed by our work, they praised the efficiency of our crew. The quick installation of the cedar privacy fence was a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise in delivering timely, high-quality solutions.

Elevate the value and privacy of your commercial property with a premium cedar privacy fence from LFO. Contact Lotsa Fence Options, Inc. today to redefine the boundaries of your property in Annandale, VA!

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